Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The post about feet, athletic therapy and a camera guy

Getting your feet stripped after acupuncture is no joke yo...

  • I'm not gonna lie. Acupuncture grosses me out. It doesn't hurt. Just the thought of it makes me feel icky though. What does hurt? After the needles are taken out and Dr. Nicole strips my feet. Basically she breaks down the neuromas by hand. My running gal Monica sees Dr. Nicole at The Health Centre Integrative Therapies in Dundas as well. She actually referred me. She happened to be there when I was last getting stripped and sat in on the appointment. Hence the non-selfie photography. All I can say is it's 15 minutes of excruciating pain and I hate it. But more than running The Bay this Sunday? Nope. I'm so excited/anxious/eager/nervous to see what happens with my feet. Fingers crossed I get my first pain-free long  run ever!
  • It felt so strange not doing a long run this past weekend. I'm tapering now in prep for my 30K on Sunday. I have planned my week so I'm active everyday leading up to Sunday. Monday I ran, yesterday morning Pilates, Wednesday to Friday running and Saturday I think I'm gonna ride my permitting. I will run in any kind of weather, but biking? Not so brave...
  • I had private Pilates instruction through my work benefits. I said goodbye to my Pilates instructor yesterday and decided instead to use the benefit on a Certified Athletic Therapist who specializes in running gait analysis and therapeutic mechanical correction and conditioning. I did Pilates to become a more efficient runner. It has helped strengthen my core 100%, but my running form is deplorable. Like I need professional intervention deplorable. If you don't believe me, watch me run by you. Horrible. Although I said goodbye to Cathy at Absolute Pilates in Ancaster, I have not said goodbye to Pilates. There are mat classes offered at my gym. I will be doing that in addition to yoga. I need a longer day...

My Transformation Tuesday pic from yesterday. 

  • Last week when I was at my dad's house I grabbed a bunch of boxes of pictures and took them to my foster sister's house and we went through them. I found a ton of "before" pictures of myself. Moments I forgot all about. But I'm smiling and appear to be happy. The pic on the left was taken at Black Creek Pioneer Village. The cute little ginger dude is my nephew (can you tell I was adopted?). He's 24 now. Don't even about the vest. It was a fashion faux pax then, it's still wrong today. I thought the vertical stripes were slimming.When I see the comparison, I have to give myself props. I don't recall looking like the picture on the left. As time goes on, the memories of being that size are slowly fading away. 
  • Getting used to a new body is a long and exhausting process. I know I've said this before, but self esteem issues after weight loss is a real struggle. I'm actively working on dealing with this now. I got myself back into therapy and I'm focusing on lifting myself and others up. I can find beauty in almost anyone. And I've no problem telling others how amazing they are. I need to work on self affirmations. I'm always humbled that people find me inspiring. That's an important role to play in someone's life. I need to practice what I preach because self love is a huge factor in weight loss. Not just loving yourself at goal, but loving yourself before too. More on this in a later post.

Tuesday at my house. What the? A CTV etalk SUV?

  • I've got a couple exciting things in the works. Yesterday CTV showed up at my house. I can't reveal all just yet, but what an awesome afternoon. Fun was had by all, but mainly me. Funny story. The guy in the bottom left photo was my cameraman. He was in my house for a full hour before I realized he went to high school with one of my oldest girlfriends. I took that selfie and texted it to her. She recognized him right away! He hasn't aged at all. Even though high school was 22 years ago. Boy I'm old...
  • Today I got to go to CTV studios in Toronto and have a wardrobe fitting. So much fun playing dress-up. And I got to see the tail end of some daytime shows being recorded. Very cool. Although I'm not saying too much right now, all will be revealed on April 1st. And no this is not an April Fool's joke:-).
  • That's all I got for right now. Just looking forward to running The Bay this Sunday. As soon as that's done, I head right into training for the Niagara Falls Women's Half Marathon which is the 1st weekend in June. Awesome event to run. Did I mention that they have the best swag bags and porta-potties? With flowers and pink stuff in them. Nice touch. Enjoy the rest of the week. We're half way done!


  1. Wishing you good luck for 'The Bay' run

    Take Care and

    All the best Jan

  2. Yeah!!!! Swag bags and porto-potties. I can't wait until you can tell us more about the camera and being on TV stuff. Funny about your classmate.

    Good luck with the gait analysis. Yes, lift yourself up. It's a habit, keep practicing.

  3. Wahoo...!!!! On TV again, you deserve it. Who couldn't be impressed with your transformation in both size and life.

  4. How fun!! (the CTV stuff, not the acupuncture stuff) :)

  5. STAR, you! :)

    p.s., my blog moved due to godaddy issues, to:

  6. Good luck at the Bay run Leigh. Funny coincidence that someone I know from WW also went downtown last week and said all would be found out on April 1. Now I'm really curious!

  7. Enjoy ATB - training is the hard part, now it is time to enjoy. Looking forward to reading about your experience (and CTV stuff too).