Plastic Surgery

On 22/09/15 I had an upper arm lift (brachiolpasty) and liposuction on my upper, outer thighs. Dr. Patterson at the Hamilton Plastic Surgery Centre performed the procedure. I paid out of pocket for it because neither procedure is covered by universal healthcare or insurance. Both procedures cost $9,600 tax included. The brachiolasty was $5,500 and the liposuction was $3,800 before tax. I got a low interest loan through FirstOntario Credit Union to pay for it. It takes a full 6 months post op for the surgically altered sights to look like they should. Recovery time was fairly quick. I was back at the gym 2 weeks post op and could train legs and do cardio. I was able to do upper body and arms again 1 month post op. Best decision I ever made and I would do it all over again.

These were taken within 2 weeks of surgery. I didn't take before pics
of my upper, outer thighs.

7 weeks post-op