Thursday, December 8, 2011

Weigh to go

Well, I have officially reached the 40 pound mark!  I saw Dr. Stephen today.  He is pleased with my weight-loss, but thinks I could be doing more to lose even faster.  I think he's a bit crazy though because I don't think I need to lose more than 10 pounds a month.  That's 2.5 pounds per week which is good enough for me.  I always heard that slow and steady was the way to go.  The faster you lose, the saggier you get, and frankly, I sag enough as it is.

I'm happy to say that I'm still doing the stairs.  I even have a couple of co-workers join me every once in a while.  They mostly whine (MW), with the exception of my supervisor who is always so gung-ho to climb the stairs.  We had a team day on Wednesday and I had the daunting task of having to walk from P3 to the 7th floor.  That's 10 flights of stairs.  I was wearing a pair of pants that are two sizes too big for me and by the time I made it half way up, with my hands full, my pants were dangerously low on my hips.  As I attempted to adjust myself without putting everything down, I realized that I was stepping on the back of my pants which was not helping with me trying to keep them up.  So basically, if I wasn't wearing a coat that covered my rear end, the security dudes in reception would have gotten an eye-full.  They would have seen my plumber crack and my purple thong.

So I have had two festive events pass already with no cheating.  I had a Christmas dinner at my brother and sister-in-law's place (since she's working Christmas and can't join the family for Christmas eve) last weekend, and my team Christmas lunch on Wednesday.  My sister-in-law was a real sweetheart and made many dishes just for me.  My team, not so much.  They tortured me with sweets during our morning meeting.  Blond brownies, chocolate cookies, and banana bread (that I actually made).  All I could have was the coffee my supervisor brought.  I kid you though, it wasn't really torturous, maybe mildly achy.  It was a challenge, and I always love a challenge!  So with two down, I only have 6 more to go.  I know I can do this:)

And if nothing else keeps me on the straight and narrow, my inspirational pictures will keep me focused.  I can always pull up my before pictures, or these ones I just snapped of Smitty.  Is it me or is she getting bigger?