Monday, April 23, 2012

I am a runner!

Me, Enz and Tanya after our 5k in the rain.
That's right.  I officially consider myself a runner.  Not only did I run my first 5k tonight, I ran it in the rain in 2 degree weather.  I was soaking wet and miserable during the run, but I felt great afterwards!  If you told me 6 weeks ago, when I started running, that I would have run 5k in only six weeks, I would have doubled over in laughter.  This was mine as well as Tanya's first 5k.  Enz is an old pro and one of my greatest inspirations for running!  All my running gals ROCK!!!!!

Here are the stats of our run.  Not very fast, but I don't care.  I ran 5k!  We did 6:1 intervals.

My thanks to Enz for providing the stats.  She calls herself a statistics geek, I call her organized.  We have two more runs before our 5k race on Sunday.  I'm very nervous but very excited too.  I know I can do this now.  I may not be fast, but that will improve over time.  Endurance and distance...that's my focus right now.

So I now know why the gas in Peterborough is 10 cents cheaper per's shit gas!  There is nothing wrong with my car except that when I filled up with gas at the Shell station at 900 Lansdowne Street West in Peterborough, my car wouldn't go.  My excellent mechanics hooked it up to the diagnostics machine and everything worked perfectly.  They spent the entire day with my car driving it and letting it run.  It did stall, but they added a stabilizer to my gas tank and it's been fine since.  I drove it around all day today with zero mishaps.  Their final verdict...bad gas.

I have the BEST mechanics in the world.  If you live in the greater Toronto area and need dependable, honest and reliable mechanics you need to go to Phillips Automotive.  If I had brought my car anywhere else, I know I would have paid hundreds of dollars in repairs I did not need.  I live an hours drive away from these guys, but would not take my car anywhere else.  They truly care about their customers and give everyone the same dedicated service.  I love these guys and know that they give me 100% every time I have to bring my car there.  I don't even let anyone else give me an oil change!  Trust me, they are worth the drive even if you don't live in Scarborough.  Tell them Leigh sent you:)