Thursday, April 12, 2012 a sausage

Compression wear is most unflattering...
I can't believe I go out in public like this!
I can't believe I'm posting this photo of myself.  Yes, I am dressed like that at work.  Yes, I sat through my bi-weekly team meeting wearing that get up.  Yes, my team commented about my choice of clothing. However, the comments were all supportive and since I have promised myself that I will run 4 times per week without fail, I needed to change before my meeting because I had to leave right at 4pm to make it back to Hamilton from Toronto for my running club.  Whew that was a long sentence!

My lovely student (I supervise Child and Youth Worker students from local Toronto colleges) took this photo of me and she was foolish to do so because it's not too late for me to change her grade from an "A" to something less agreeable.  Just joking N!!!!!!  I was actually VERY proud of her yesterday.  She told me that she got a referral from her family doctor to begin the metabolic diet that I'm on.  That first step is a HUGE one and I support her 100%.  Way to go N, I know you can do this!

My runs this week have been ok.  Last night was a bit trying.  My clinic instructor got us to run up and down a pretty steep (and deep) hill...twice! With barely any recovery time in between.  Again, right in the middle of the run, I swore I would never run again and cursed myself for starting in the first place.  But we completed the run and even added on an extra interval at the end for good measure.  And then we all patted each other on the back and talked about looking forward to the run coming on Friday when we up the intervals another minute.  Crazy, I know. And a bit unstable if you ask me.  But hey, it's working for me, and I'm still addicted.

I feel like I haven't stepped on a scale in like forever.  It's actually been two weeks.  And I'm not getting weighed until next Thursday (19th).  I have been tempted to step on the old scale I have in my bathroom, but I avoid the scale in between weigh-ins, cos' then I become addicted to weighing myself and can do it a number (10) of times a day.  Did you know that your weight will change (sometimes drastically) every time you step on the scale throughout the day.  It drove me crazy and that's why I stay off of the scale in between doctor's visits.  I'm expecting a loss.  The new jeans I bought about a month ago, are falling down when I walk up the stairs at work.  I guess I need to start using the belt again.

I have been a bad blog commenter of late.  I get awesome comments and support via my blog readers and Facebook friends and I appreciate each and every one.  I am just so humbled that anyone finds me inspirational.  Never in a million years did I think I would inspire anyone to lose weight...or run...or make healthy choices.  I started this blog to keep myself accountable.  It has morphed into so much more.  The support and guidance I receive is a huge part of what keeps me going.  Everyone (family, friends, co-workers, Facebook friends, bloggers) in my life has supported me completely through this journey.  That is why I need to continue to support those who support me.  I promise that I will make a concerted effort to comment once again...starting this weekend!  Till then....