Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The post about a new house, Easter weekend and the VLM

My progression collage.

  • What a busy weekend! Lots has happened over the past 5 days. On Saturday we went to view a house in our desired neighbourhood. I knew once we'd seen the entire house that I could picture my family living there. It's a touch smaller than my current house but had many things on our wish list. There were already 4 registered offers and it was priced low to sell quickly. Hubby and I decided to go for it. Offers were being held off until Monday, so my agent came by the night of Easter Sunday to get us to sign our offer. We had to go in with our best and hope that we got picked. We offered $25,000 over asking and won! So I have two houses now! Mine goes up for sale on May 1st. 
  • The new house (built in 1930ish) still has a lot of character and charm, which I like. And even though it's an older home, there is a HUGE walk-in closet just off of the master bedroom. Enough room to hold all my clothes, bags and more importantly shoes/boots! There are some aesthetic things that can be fixed, but it's a good solid house that's in awesome shape and I think we got an excellent deal. New roof, furnace, air conditioner, finished basement, an extra bathroom. And we're one street away from Gage Park which is beautiful. 

Good Friday dinner.

  • The only time my heart hurt was when I saw the yard (which is 1/2 the size of my current yard) and thought it would be too small for Finn. Still miss my boy everyday and it will be hard to leave this house because Julien was born here and Finn lived his whole life here. This is where his memories lie. Onward to make new memories!
  • Easter weekend was lovely. I hosted Good Friday dinner for my family. Made the traditional Polish dinner my mom made. Salmon, veggies and pierogies! This year I decided to NOT torture myself. I purchased the pierogies frozen! I know. Blasphemy! But I don't even eat them and they are a ton of work. According to my family, the frozen ones were pretty good. So I don't feel badly having cheated. My teriyaki salmon was yummy and I made a salad and sauteed green beans. The salad had goat's cheese and I ate it. Yup, I got a tummy ache. I will NEVER learn. 

Easter Sunday was a no bang day. A quick snap with my guy:-)

  •  Easter Sunday was spent with my in-laws. We had the usual dinner. We have the same thing for every family gathering, but I never get sick of it. Chicken, veal, peas, salad. There was also lasagna and potatoes, but I don't eat that. It's catered by my brother-in-law's aunt and is super yummy. Lot's of food and fun with family. Julien was happy because he kept getting money shoved in his hands. By the time he got back home, he'd been given over $100 from various aunts and uncles. Swear to God that kid has more money than me.
  • Monday was a stat holiday for me. Which worked out well because that's when the presentations for  the offers on the house took place and my agent had to come by for us to sign contracts after we won the bid. I also needed to catch-up on all the household chores I put off all weekend. And it was warm. Shorts warm. I finally went get my nails done (after 5 weeks) and wore shorts. The shorts only lasted a few hours until I became cool again, but I had to wear them because I could!
  • Monday evening I entered the Virgin London Marathon (VLM) lottery. Now it is a long shot that I will get in. The race isn't until April 2015. There are only 5,000 international spots. But hey, I was feeling lucky. Won my house bid, maybe I'll win  my marathon too! If I do get in, I won't know until October. In the meantime, I am going to work on my foot issues. I have a whole year to work out the crampy toe stuff. Once my house is sold, I'm focusing on acupuncture and the gym! If I do get to run the VLM, I'm going to be in the best shape I can be in.
  • Yesterday was a much needed rest day. I ran 5 days in a row and clocked over 42K. Not too bad. Since I'm not training, I'm trying to keep my mileage over 40K per week. I got to run twice on the Rail Trail which goes up the escarpment. It's good for the leg muscles and glutes for sure! Lots of snakes and slugs out right now. I hate all things that are squirmy:-( UGH! 
  • I'm off to run. My 2.5 hour home inspection is this evening. Buying and selling a house is a lot of freaking work and stress. I'm looking forward to the beginning of July. That's when the move will happen and I can get settled. I'm letting go of this house in my mind and I feel a touch lost right now. Stress levels are high for sure, but the mindfulness therapy is helping. Have a great day! Until next time:-)

That is Max. Julien named him and we feed him. He lives in my yard.