Friday, April 18, 2014

The post about a sick boy, a running break and Throwback Thursday

Top left: Julien and I on Saturday.
Top right: Julien on Sunday.
Bottom left: Julien and I on Sunday.
Bottom right: Me on Tuesday.

  • Another impromptu blogging hiatus. It wasn't planned, life just got in the way. I haven't written here since last Wednesday. I am doing okay. Just a lot of stuff going on in life right now. Trying to juggle everything is proving to be challenging, but I'm coping much better than I thought I would. 
  • There`s some big changes happening in the Costa household. My hubby and I have decided to put our house up for sale. This is very bittersweet for me. I love my house. We have lived here for 8 years. I live in a Victorian garden terrace house and I fell in love with it the minute I walked through the front door. It still has all the original period details and is just gorgeous. BUT, this is not a family neighbourhood. There are no kids for Julien to play with here. The neighbourhood, although real pretty, is made up of singles and retired people. It hurts my heart that Julien can't just go outside and have friends to play with. That is what my childhood was like and I wish he had the same. So we are moving to the east side, where there are family neighbourhoods. I wish I could move my house, but I can't and it's just a house. I need my son to have friends. That is what will truly make my heart happy.
  • Selling and buying a house is stressful. My house is not up for sale yet. That's happening May 1st. And although we're looking, I haven't found my house yet. I know that our house will sell quickly. One just sold across the street for over asking and in 2 days. Makes me more anxious that I could be homeless in a few months. The competition for buying right now is pretty high. Stuff is selling quickly. My agent is confident that we'll get something no problem. I wish I shared her enthusiasm. 
  • Last weekend Julien was sick. Like I had to spend the night cleaning up a lot of vomit kind of sick. The bulk of his illness happened Saturday, so Sunday I felt a bit off. I stayed home with him while my hubby went to a family function. I didn't run and we just vegged on the couch all day. I figured that since I didn't feel great, that I had a much milder version of what he had. I never got physically ill, but my stomach was off all day. Figured I dodged a bullet because I woke up Monday morning feeling pretty good. 
  • Monday I was out of my house at 6:20am because I had to be in Scarborough for 8am. It was a long day. I worked all day, then went to a Dr. Poon Support group in Scarborough at 7pm. I didn't get home until 10:30 pm. I did a few things before bed, then hit the sack around midnight. I woke up at 4am with my stomach in turmoil. Now I really had what Julien had. I felt so badly that I couldn't even have coffee. That`s how I know I am sick, when I can't drink coffee. I had Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction therapy, so I went. And I had an important work conference I had to attend in the afternoon. So I went to that (and it was cancelled). By the time I got home, my entire body was aching and I had a splitting headache. We went to see a house in the evening and I got home just after 7pm and went straight to bed. I didn't eat all day and other than water, wasn't able to drink anything either. Felt like a big huge bag of shit! I slept for 10 hours straight. I woke up on Wednesday morning feeling okay, but still had a headache. Two cups of coffee later and that was gone. I started eating again and my Wednesday was a much better day.

First run back after 4 days rest. Not as bad as I anticipated.

  • Running! Man oh man. My running was non-existent this week! I didn't run on Sunday because I felt off and didn't want to take the chance of being out while running 12K and needing the bathroom. I didn't run on Monday because I had to be out of my house so early. Didn't run on Tuesday because I was sick and didn't run on Wednesday because I hadn't eaten in 36 hours. I did run on Thursday. Much, much needed. I was expecting a much worse run than I delivered. It just felt good to be out again! I haven`t taken that much time off of running since I broke my ankle last fall.
  • Last weekend was the London Marathon. It was exciting to watch everything unfold on Twitter. Looked like an awesome time and one of my UK Tweeps has encouraged me to enter the lottery for a spot for next year! I am waking up at 3:45 am on Tuesday morning to do just that. There are only 5,000 international spots so my chances are slim, but how awesome would that be? It gives me a whole year to work out my foot issues and even if I have to walk the end part due to the Morton's Neuroma, I'll do my best. I know I can run 30K, what's another 12?
  • When I went to the Dr. Poon support group on Monday, and I listened to the other women talk about weighing frequency, I realized that I haven't weighed myself in a real long time. Like a couple of months at least. I used to weigh myself daily. Actually several times a day and it became an obsession of mine. So I stopped. One less thing to stress over. I know the minute that my body is different. I can tell by how my clothes fit. I only keep current size clothes in my house. So if they're fitting differently, I know something's up. Bigger clothes don't necessarily mean a weight loss for me though. It just means my body is changing again.  When I went on maintenance, my weight didn't change for 8 months, but I dropped 2 sizes. I have a couple pairs of size 6 pants that I'm wearing, but I'm still in my 8's for now. The last time I did weigh myself I weighed 157 pounds. I really am joining the gym. I thought my income tax money would have been back by now. That is what I'm waiting on to join the gym. I know that once I start strength training, my body will change again. I'm looking forward to seeing what I'll look like six months into joining the gym. When I join the gym I will get weighed and measured so I have a starting point.
  • Yesterday I posted my picture on Twitter for Throwback Thursday. The pic I showed was one of me when I was 25. I've posted it before. I have no idea what I weighed in that picture because I refused to be weighed for a couple of years. I know it's the biggest I ever was though. If I had to guess, I'd say I was 330 pounds, but probably more. That seems like such a lifetime ago and I honestly don't remember being that large. But pictures don't lie. That is probably the only picture of me at that weight. I avoided the camera like the plague. I know my weight was real high, but I was in denial about how big I really was. I also wore size 26. My highest recorded weight is 310 pounds and I easily have 20+ extra pounds on me in that photo.
  • Today is Good Friday and I'm hosting a family dinner. Although my mom's been gone for 11 years I still observe Polish Good Friday. Today will be a fish and pierogi day. I normally make home made pierogi but I figure why torture myself. It's not like I'll be eating them. Pierogi are not Paleo:-) I will be eating the yummy teriyaki salmon I'll be making though. I ended up buying the pierogi at my mother's favorite Polish deli in Scarborough. Almost as good as homemade! And I'm drinking wine! That`s my one guilty pleasure that I still allow myself:-) Wishing you all a great Easter weekend, and if you don't celebrate, enjoy your long weekend:-)
Top left: My TBT picture. I'm 25 there. 330+ pounds.
Top right: Where I was just before I started Dr. Poon 300  pounds.
Bottom left: Around 260 pounds.
Bottom right: Around 157 pounds.