Thursday, December 10, 2015

The 528th post, which is also the last post...

  • Hello friends. I'm back for my last word on this blog. I have rebranded myself. I decided to change my social media handle to Punchapalooza, and starting in the New Year, I will be writing on a new blog. Ive already worked on the design and you can take a sneak peak here. I decided that I'm ready to enter a new chapter of my life. This month marks my 3rd year of maintenance and I don't think I want to talk about maintenance anymore. I've got many fitness goals to conquer in the next 18 months and they all centre around boxing and strength training. Hence my name change.
  • I will no longer be posting my blog to the Dr. Poon Facebook pages. New blog, different content. I will not be deleting Poonapalooza. I know it comes up when new patients Google Dr. Poon's diet for research purposes. And it's important for me to keep my detailed journey for those who are embarking on their own journey. So the blog remains (even though I won't be monitoring it).
  • If those of you who read my blog through Dr. Poon's Facebook pages would like to continue reading my new blog, you can like my Facebook page, Punchapalooza, or there's a Follow by Email gadget on the right panel of my blog above the My Followers gadget.
  • Although I'm feeling a bit sad about putting Poonapalooza to bed, I'm excited about new goals and writing different content. I just feel that I'm ready to move on from weight loss and maintenance and embark on fitness and lifestyle. 
  • My final Transformation Tuesday post from Instagram is above. It will be my final one where I use an old pic of myself as the before. The photo on the right will be my new before pic. I'm excited to see what I'll look like in another year. I'm starting to get some stomach definition. My obliques and maybe a hint of abs. It's surreal for me to see those photos side by side. I lined up my shoulders elbows and hips as best I could. It helps me see how far I've really come. I wore size 24 on the left, and I wear a solid size 10 now. It wasn't easy for me when I started to get bigger and had to size up, but I know this is all part of the process. And I've got a big booty and inner thigh muscles to accommodate. 
  • My strength training is coming along very well. I trapped 200 last week and I'm at the lowest resitance band for pull-ups. This makes Tony very excited. Next month is when the real training starts. I'm going to be training with Kingsway Boxing Club probably 2 nights a week, with Tony 2 mornings a week, and on my own 2 times per week. And I've got to work in yoga a couple times a week. It will help with the boxing and the strength training. My flexibility is abominable!
  • My arms are healing. The left better than the right. The right is still swelling and is lumpy near the inner top part, but I'm told to be patient. It will all absorb in time. I only have to wear the compression sleeves when I train now, which is much less onerous than it has been. My thighs can ache after activity and they feel numb in certain areas. It doesn't hinder my training though. I looked at my bum today, which I haven't done in ages. There are tiny dark purple holes where the lipo sites were. While checking out my butt, I also noticed I'm getting lower back dimples. So progress all around.
  • Anyway, it's time to wrap this up. I thank you all for sharing this journey with me. I'm hopeful that you will continue to read the next chapter of my life. The "this shit is getting real and I'm going to become a licensed amateur boxer" chapter. Olympic boxing is no joke yo! Team Canada here I come. Bahahahaha...
  • Oops! I almost forgot. Very best wishes for a happy holiday season!