Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dr. Stephen

The doctor that I see at Dr. Poon's office is Dr. Stephen. He is an older gentleman that is very near to retirement.  The first appointment I had, I thought I had made the decision not to do the diet because it sounded like other ones I had tried before (Bernstein) and was unsuccessful at maintaining.  I left the appointment promising to come back in two weeks for my weigh-in.

Dr. Stephen was blunt and to the point but delivered a message to me that others have danced around for years.  He was able to speak to me on a real personal level and I heard him loud and clear.  He's absolutely correct.  I have made more than enough excuses during my life time.  It is time to act because obesity is a disease, and he asked if I would treat cancer as cavalier, as I have treated my obesity. I'm not comparing obesity to cancer, but both have the potential of being deadly.  Cancer is definitely the scarier of the two diseases to have, and something I am hopeful to never have to fight during my lifetime. It is medically proven that people who are obese are more likely to contract other health problems/diseases due to their obesity, cancer being one of them.  Having seen my mother battle and waste away to cancer, it is absolutely not something I want to put my own son through if I can at all avoid it.

I had my third weigh-in yesterday and am pleased to report that I have lost another 7 pounds of fat.  This brings my weight loss to 20 pounds.  This is a huge motivator, because I can definitely see a difference.  Dr. Stephen is a sweet man who is a great motivator and his honesty and bluntness keep me on track.  I am hopeful that by the New Year, I can get off of both of my blood pressure medications.  I owe this to myself and my long suffering body.