Friday, October 28, 2011

Something in the weigh she moves

The scales at Dr. Poon's offices are the ones that measure your fat and water percentage.  So I had a weigh-in today and I weigh 7 1/2 pounds less than I did two weeks ago.  Good right?  Well not so much according to the scale.  It shows I lost 7 pounds of water and only 1/2 a pound of fat.  So then Dr. Stephen asks me what I cheated on.  I have not cheated.  He insisted that I must have eaten an abundance of complex carbohydrates or sugar because I have not dropped any fat over the last two weeks.  This was the first real disagreement we have had, and frankly I did think of breaking up with him.  However, I was able to convince him (which is the truth) that I absolutely have been sticking to the diet and I have not cheated.  If I cheated, I certainly wouldn't lie about it like some child caught with their hand in the cookie jar...and I'd only be cheating myself.  No one else.

So then Dr. Stephen says that this has happened to a few people before.  Even though they lost water weight and no fat weight, it corrected itself at the next weigh-in.  I asked him why he felt the need to accuse me of personal sabotage.  He told me it's because so many people can't stick to cutting out carbs and sugar for the long haul, so he naturally assumes the worst.  I know that this just isn't a diet I'm going to have to follow for a year, but will have to follow it for the rest of my life.  Just like an alcoholic can't be trusted around vanilla extract, I can't be trusted around carbs.  I'm that addicted. I left the appointment on good terms with Dr. Stephen and told him I did forgive him for his rash judgement of me.  For some reason he found that funny.

After my visit with Dr. Stephen, it seemed that I was in a bit of a pickle.   So I've taken the day to really think about my quandary and the only feasible answer I've come up with is that I just have to keep losing weight or else I just threw a whole lot of money out the window.  Just this morning, my husband drove all, and I do mean all, of my summer and bigger sized winter clothes to Goodwill.  I don't believe I have ever owned this few clothes.  Not since I was a new born and lived at Toronto Wellesley hospital for a couple of weeks waiting for my forever family.  The point is that I would hate to have to buy a whole new wardrobe in the same size that I just gave away.  That would piss me off to no end.  Therefore, the only solution to my problem is to buy the whole new wardrobe in a much smaller size.  It won't hurt (except for my finances) nearly as much.  In fact, I'll likely enjoy shopping for the first time in my life.

So now to tackle the other issue I'm having and really work at getting my fat percentage down in the next two weeks.  The obvious solution for that is to start spending some quality time with my pooch.  A brisk hour walk every evening should be a good start for physical exercise.  Many may think that walking for an hour seems pretty lame, but I am an admitted couch potato.  An hour walk for me everyday is pretty significant.  Movement is key, and I get that.  A lifestyle change doesn't just involve eating better but becoming more active too.  With my new commitment to start moving, I will overcome this hiccup. And Dr. Stephen will be left with egg on his face.  Ha!