Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Remnants of Sandy

I don't have a nice ass yet, but I'm hopeful...soon.

This is what I was thinking this morning as I dragged my sorry butt out of bed.  I would have loved to stay under the covers, but I can't use bad weather as an excuse or I won't run all winter!  It was windy, but the rain had let up...for now.  The worst of the storm was supposed to come while we slept.  Much to my relief, nothing fell on my house, most notably my neighbour's tree.  A big heavy branch of it already fell on my deck last year during a storm, so I was expecting the whole thing to come down this time around.  But nothing.  Thank goodness!!!  Anyway, back to running!  So I ran. The streets were a mess with leaves, but everything else seemed intact. Good news indeed.  I know our friends south of the border did not fare as well.  The television footage from NYC and the Jersey Shore is incredible.  I can't believe that happened just a ten hour drive away!

Toronto's finest guarding the live wire hanging from a
still standing tree.
As I drove into work today, this is what I was presented with.  Our street was blocked off because a tree fell onto a parked car and brought down a hydro wire with it.  We could still get into work (unfortunately), but they closed down the street as it was a one way.  And the live wire made things tricky no doubt.  I also tried to get a photo from inside the office, but couldn't get a good one due to glare on the window.

A lot of window glare...I hope they had the "Act of God"
insurance.  I believe it's extra!
The storm actually started last night. Wind and rain began just as my clinic was starting.  I wasn't expecting many of my group to come out, but of a possible nine, six showed...and one I knew wasn't coming because she is injured.  I tell you, my Learn to Run group is BAD ASS.  Although they complained a touch, everyone ran even though we didn't make it an expectation.  I love this group of people.  They are eager and resilient. They don't give up! One of them is recovering from a stroke, and one young girl struggled the first couple of sessions, but I see such a difference in her endurance already. She reminds me a lot of myself when I took Learn to Run.  A little low in the confidence, but wanting to give it her best shot!  You can't ask for anything more!

I'm going to miss teaching this clinic next session, but there's no going back now.  I've officially signed up for the 1/2 marathon clinic.  No refunds!  So I'm committed.  And I'm really looking forward to it.  I'm just excited to be running with a group again.  It will be much more pleasant during long runs.  Right now I listen to books on tape while I run, which is fine as well.  But sometimes it's nice to have a conversation with someone.  You can learn a lot about someone just by running with them.  And what is said while running is confidential!

Julien's excited about Halloween.  He's going to be Super Mario and I got the costume from a thrift store.  I just bought overalls, a red long sleeved shirt, white gloves (from the girls' department at WalMart for 60 cents) and a hat from Dollarama that I hot glued a white felt circle with an M cut out of it.  I'll draw a moustache on him and call the costume done!  He was wearing it tonight and looked super cute.  I need to wake up super early tomorrow so I can get an 8k in before I prep him for school in his costume.  I'm a little freaked out right now.  My little cat ran out of the house earlier this evening and it's raining pretty good out.  I just want her to come home soon or else I won't be getting much sleep at all!  Damn cat!