Sunday, October 21, 2012

This is my gym

The Hamilton - Brantford Rail Trail
Taken this morning by Beverly!

I've had a couple of good running days.  Yesterday I did my second ever 11k.  I was a rock star. My average pace was 7:04 per kilometre, which for me is not too shabby for such a long distance. The first 5.5k was running uphill.   It's a gradual incline, but you can definitely feel it.  I felt great after my run.  I initially was dreading it because it was raining...and cold.  But by 9:30am, the rain cleared, the sun came up and my run was beautiful.  Here are some snaps I took while on my 11k yesterday.

The halfway point.

So pretty with all the fallen leaves.

11k afterglow:)

This morning my gal Beverly met me at 7:15 at the Running Room.  She was injured about 6 weeks ago and wanted to try a run again.  We planned on getting in a run before we ran with our clinic at 8:30 am.  I gotta tell you, she was amazing.  For someone who hasn't really run for 6 weeks, she did FANTABULOUS!  We ran a 5k doing 10:1 intervals and her pace was not much different than what it was 6 weeks ago.  I'm so happy for her because I could tell she was anxious before the run, but she totally nailed it and proved once again that she is a running Goddess:)

My gym partner...after our 5k!

I'm in love with running, but you already know that.  I'm especially in love with running in the great outdoors. I don't think you could get me on a treadmill if my life depended on it.  No matter the weather, I will always run outside.  There's just no better feeling than running with the wind at my back, or in my face. I've run in inclement weather, and although it can be dread worthy to think about going out in it, once I'm wet from the rain, or sleet, I don't care anymore...because I'm already wet!  And I'm very blessed to have so many great trails to run on.  There's never a shortage of beautiful places to run in Hamilton.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I mentioned that I was at Value Village and found a corduroy jacket that I loved but when I went to try it on, it was too big for me?  Well, I ended up finding the same jacket in a medium on Friday and picked it up for $9.99.  It's brown and not camel like the first jacket I found, but I still love it!  It is in pristine condition and fits me like a glove.  So yesterday, I go to my girlfriend Elin's house to hang out for the afternoon.  She takes my jacket after I gush over it, looks at the label and says, "hold on, I have something to show you".  She comes down stairs with the exact same jacket, in the exact same size.  Never in a million years did I think I would be able to borrow clothes from Elin!  Next time I'm over there, I'm going through her closet!

Separated at birth?


  1. I agree about running in the great's what attracts me. When I think about the treadmill, I break out in hives...okay not really...fortunately, I haven't had to turn to the treadmill yet but we will see what happens this winter.

  2. While I'm not a runner (wish I could, but a car accident did some bad damage to my knee), I am a brisk little walker. I completely agree with you ... I could never do all of that on a treadmill, I don't care how swanky it is. It's no comparison to the crisp air in your face, the beauty of nature and feeling like you're actually going somewhere. I loved your pics!

  3. I love love love trail running too! Cute Jacket! - What do you do in the snow? Do they plow your trails or do you run in snow shoes/yax trax? Just curious - I'm preparing for the worst.....

  4. love the picture!!! and I miss the fall leaves...we really don't see that here in Phoenix...I also miss the smell of the leaves...I love how you brought nature into your runs to enhance it! Beautiful!

  5. LOVE your gym. I miss the trees and leaves and fall. *sigh* My desert is still hot and dry and brown. Never really "changes". You look smoking in that jacket!!

  6. I love how the leaves are changing! It makes me miss living in a state with actual seasons. LOL. I also wish I loved running the way you do...I'm just not a runner...I do it...because I want to be one...maybe someday...

  7. Haha, I love the sharing of outfits!