Saturday, October 13, 2012

Stand-up comics, younger men and an 11k

Last night my good friend Beverly treated me to a night out on the town.  I don't know the last time I went out with a girlfriend and had a good time.  She had tickets to see John Pinette at Hamilton Place and her hubby couldn't go, so I graciously accepted her invitation.  I'd never seen a stand-up comic before in a theatre venue.  It was a night of firsts.  I also had never been to Hamilton Place.

John Pinette was funny, but he joked a lot about being overweight and I didn't know how to take some of the jokes.  I mean the former me would have found them quite funny...but now I don't think being overweight and unhealthy is so funny.  It's actually not funny at all, and all I kept thinking was "dude, you need to lose weight"!  That's the judgemental me talking and I need to work on that.  He's made a living off of his size and weight issue because it's the basis of his act.  It wouldn't be worth it to me to stay unhealthy for a buck.  But perhaps it is to him.

Beverly and I waiting for the show to begin!

Afterwards we went to Slainte Irish Pub.  I had never been there before and it was another first for me.  It was a mix of younger and older, but we were there quite early, so the action didn't start until we were leaving.  We ordered a glass of red wine each and a steak salad.  It was yummy, and I was just glad to be out for the night.  About an hour into our visit three young men came and sat beside us. The one next to me started making small talk with me.  As Beverly said, it was totally random.  I mean we weren't inviting the attention or anything.  We were some of the oldest females in the joint.  He started getting real familiar like and just before we were getting ready to leave, he puts his hand on my leg.  Talk about a shocker!  It was dark in there, so I'll give him that, but jeez Louise, I was old enough to be his mother!  Bless the hearts of the  young and clueless. Made me chuckle.  I even wished him and his friends a good night as I got up to leave and get home so I could get to bed and up early with my son the next day:)

This morning I ran my first 11k.  I felt a little under the weather when I got up.  Jules had been sick, so I think I'm starting to get what he had.  It's mostly in my throat, and not in my chest, so I was good to go for my run.  I ran my first 3k with my former LTR (learn to run) student, Sher.  It was nice to converse with someone for a bit.  The sun was out and, even though it was almost freezing (1 celsius, 33.8 fahrenheit), it was a beautiful morning to run.  I was pumped because I was running like the wind on a beautiful fall day.  I love the fall!

Lots to do today.  Gotta make chocolate chip cookies for Julien's party tomorrow, assemble loot bags, do laundry, make dinner, go grocery shopping...all before bed.  And bedtime is sacred right now.  It's when I get to read this new series I've become addicted to.  Don't ask why.  I'm just into reading filth.  My co-worker got me into the J.R Ward Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  It's complete trash, but quite enjoyable.  But hey, I got my most important task out of the way first run!  I'm a happy camper:)

Yay!  My first 11k!
Sweaty, but happy.  I LOVE running!


  1. Congratulations on your first 11 K. Amazing. Thinking back to a year ago. WOW.
    I have watched John Pinette on Comedy network before and I am still trying to find humor in his act. He is not funny. I feel sorry for him. Not because he is a short round large man but because he picks on himself terribly through out his show ( insecurity ). He could be funny with the right material. I do respect him somewhat for joking about himself and not others. You think he would get the message, he NEEDS to lose weight.
    He NEEDS to read Poonapalooza.
    I am glad you had a fun evening with your friend last night. You deserved a night out. I enjoyed your remarks about the bar. Without sounding judgemental, you are a hottie now. That is a physical observation. You, my friend, are a very beautiful woman, both inside and out. Following Poonapalooza for several months now, I have seen your physical transformation. You were a beautiful young woman in your younger years too, you just feel like it now. You are an inspiration to all of us. You are my mentor and I want everyone to know it. Everyone can learn from you.
    The young chap in the bar obviously found you very attractive. I hope you felt proud and flattered. You should.
    Would like to wish Julian a very happy birthday too.
    Thanks again for Poonapalooza.

  2. Getting hit on by a younger guy! wow what a complement. :)

  3. WTG! And a younger guy flirted with you? You are on a roll Leigh :-)

  4. Girl time is always needed...why don't we make it more of a the pics girl!

  5. Hi congrats on the 11K you rock!!

    It's quite popular for comedians to make fun of themselves like there is no black guy that won't make a joke about being black. Though one thing I don't like is when they pick on a random person from the audience and make fun of them. I was once involved in a small incident downtown my city when a guy that was making an act in the middle of the streets just to gain some money started making fun of me being fat. After a few jokes I couldn't take it no more so I took a coin out of my wallet and ask him where should I put it as for me he was nothing but a beggar. Somehow he got offended by that and didn't want the coin. He actually closed his act right away and hopefully he started to think better before just opening his mouth.

    Have a good one :D


  6. Congrats on your first 11k!! Awesome. :) :)

  7. John Pinette is really tiresome! How long can a person beat the same material to death? I like self-deprecating comedians, but surely there is more he can poke fun at than just his weight and food issues, over and over and over again. Like you, I find myself wondering "is it really worth it, buddy? You've made your money from this, so why not get healthy and get some new material?"

    Jim Gaffigan talks about food a lot too, but he mixes it up with other stuff and he balances his observations about himself with observations about how Americans eat in general. I find him much funnier.