Sunday, February 10, 2013

Still a work in progress

Did y'all get yourselves dug out of the snow?  Friday was a snow day, but I managed to completed quite a bit of work at home.  Talk about cabin fever.  I didn't go out to run...for the second day.  I was getting antsy.  Then Saturday rolls around and I slept in and missed my morning run I had planned.  I had to leave my house by 8:30am so I could swing by the store first, then to Brampton for the support group I was attending.  I was wondering if I would be able to get out of my street. The plow came by overnight and I was able to make it out in time for the meeting.

The lovely ladies I got to meet on Saturday morning.
L-R: Teresa, Debbie, me, Gloria, and Susan in front:)
What an awesome group of women I got to meet at the support group!  We all follow Dr. Poon's lifestyle and are at different stages in our journey.  Just sitting around and discussing my lifestyle with like minded people was a special treat.  It was so helpful discussing our struggles and issues with self-esteem.  Something I'm still working on daily.  After meeting everyone, I realized on my way home that I am the most toxic person in my life.  Sad but true, and that really sucks! Everyone else in my life is incredibly complimentary and supportive towards me.  I am the only one who has negative thoughts.  I am definitely still a work in progress!  I need to see actual comparisons of myself to really see differences.  And I need to start giving myself a break.

This is how I still myself in my mind
sometimes most of the time.
This is what I really look like. And all
I can think of is I need to work on my ass!

I never ended up running on Saturday because by the time I got back home, it was already mid-afternoon and I knew I was doing 18K the next morning.  I didn't want to do two runs within 24 hours of each other.  So I grudgingly stayed in.  My hamstring thanked me because when I was walking into the Running Room this morning, it almost felt normal again.  Until I slipped on the wet floor and slightly pulled it again!  Are you kidding me?  I can't believe that happened!  It wasn't too bad though.  Just a dull ache.   Stretching and physio exercises are definitely helping!

Of course, not running for three days had my mind going bonkers with ridiculous scenarios.  I was convinced that even though my eating had not changed at all (except for some Poon friendly snacks Susan brought to the support meeting) that I had gained a ridiculous amount of weight.  My clothing fits exactly the same as it did four days ago.  Missing a couple runs did not send me over the deep end.  It's all in my head and I need to definitely work on healthier thoughts about exercise and food.  See!  A work in progress!

Pre-run coffee!
Pretty huh?

This morning's run was cold, cold, cold!  It said -14C (6.8F) when I left my house this morning.  My eyelashes froze again, and I just couldn't get warm.  We did a different route for our 18K and all my Back of the Rat Pack Girls, with the exception of Monica (who is in sunny Florida so we don't miss her), came out to run this morning.   It's always a nicer run when I'm with friends.  We talk about everything and anything.  What happens on a run, stays on a run.  It's an unwritten runner's rule! Lots of bonding happens fo sho.  There were some pretty things to look at during the run and we got a very decent workout because we had to run walk up a HUGE amount of stairs, up the giant hill I've done the past few weeks (which was only partially plowed), and another hill that was about 400 meters. Needless to say, I was tired when I finished.  All that and we ran on a lot of snow, because things were not plowed very well.  It was like running 18K in the sand.  My calves are feeling it right now!  Oh!  And my toes didn't cramp again for the second week.  Physio really is helping!

Going back down the stairs!  That's my gal Tanya:)
I'm feeling very weary right now.  I have a couple of pork tenderloins in the slow cooker.  I'm making sauteed cabbage, green beens and either mashed rutabaga or mashed sweet potato.  I haven't decided yet!  BIL is here for a visit, so Jules is happy.  He has someone new to play Super Mario with...and he loves playing with Uncle Ross's IPad.  I'm still doing the endless laundry that this family of three accumulates.  Thank goodness I did my grocery shop last night.  I don't have the energy left in me to do it today!  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

After our 18K this morning.  L-R: Brett, Dawn, me, Tanya.