Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Time is NOT on my side

Monday morning drive to Peterborough for...
Cheap gas!  It was 130.7 in Toronto!


The past couple of days have been hectic!  I have been trying to get into the office the past two days, but find myself overwhelmed with stuff going on with clients in the community.  I tell you, there just isn't enough time in the day, or days in the week to complete what I need to.  Yet I still manage to fit running into my busy schedule.  Running, blogging, physio, working, commuting, mothering, home making.  You name it, I do it!  The young woman I ran with on Sunday told me that she couldn't run more than a couple times a week due to her busy schedule.  Now granted, she worked a couple part time jobs and went to school full time.  Same thing I did when I was in college and university.  I told her everything I did including my five runs per week and she became silent.  But I guess it's all relative.  

Some people are willing to get up at ridiculous times in the morning to fit a run in, and some aren't. I get it.  I have to do what I have to do.  No one is making me do it but me.  I'm not gonna lie.  I want to stay in bed when it's -14C (6.8F) and I'm headed out my front door in the dark. Not even my dog will hang with me.  He's smart enough to go back to bed.  But I also know that if I want something badly enough, I will do it.  I have proven that to myself over the past 17 months.  I definitely don't want to gain back any of the weight that I have lost, therefore I run.  I run my ass off (hopefully it will fall off soon) and I continue to eat the same way I have for the past year and a half. I have figured out what works for me and this is it.  Everyone is different.  This is my reality.  

Check me out.  I finished my run this morning
in the daylight.  Dare I say spring is around
the corner?

I haven't booked another appointment to see Dr. Stephen yet for my maintenance weigh-in.  I'll figure out when I'm headed out to Peterborough again and book myself in to see him then.  I have peeked on the scale, and my weight is pretty solid with a pound or two fluctuation.  Although my weight is up and down by a pound here and there, my clothes are getting loose again.  My size 10 jeans are getting big around the upper thigh and waist.  I can take one pair off without undoing the button or zipper.  So my body continues to change.  I don't think I'm gonna see much difference on the scale pound wise, but I can definitely see differences in my body.  I guess my ideal weight is supposed to be around 165 - 168.  I fit comfortably into size medium tops and pants, and have size 8 jeans that are real comfortable.  I am happy with that. I just need to tone up some problem areas (ie: abdomen, upper thighs, upper arms), and I'll almost be normal.  Almost because my upper arms are pretty much hopeless without surgery.  I can't complain though.  That's really the only area that likely needs surgical intervention.

I attended my physio appointment yesterday and Graham, the therapist, was manipulating my back.  I started to feel anxious and self conscious because he was arranging me on the examining table by lifting my hips and legs and would feel me tense up because all I could think of was that I was too heavy and he was going to hurt himself by moving me.  He kept telling me to relax and to let him do the work.  This is one of those times where my inner fat girl should just leave me alone because stuff like this will affect my treatment. I was finally able to relax and let him move and lift me where he needed to, but it took everything in me not to resist.

I'm really looking forward to Saturday morning.  I'm heading out to Brampton to meet some other Dr. Poon lifestylers (is that even a word?).  I think not since spell check is highlighting it.  Anywho (also not a word), others who eat the same way I do.  I communicate with them via Facebook, and it will be nice to meet them in person!  They meet for regular support groups and this will be the first time that I will be attending.  I'm a bit nervous, but excited all the same.  That's no reflection on them.  I always get anxious when I meet new people.  I already know they are lovely.

I won't post again until Thursday night so this is your reminder that I will be appearing on the Steven and Chris show this Thursday (February 7th) at 2pm (EST) on CBC.  The description of the show is, "Our makeover dream team pulls off another amazing transformation".  This is pretty accurate, since I look nothing like myself!  Now for my American friends, I have found a list from another blog of the American stations that pick up the show, but this list is from 2010, so things may have changed since then.  I do know that you can watch episodes of Steven and Chris on the LiveWell Network in the US.