Saturday, June 14, 2014

The post about another week's recap and my double

Julien showing off his awesome Grade 1 drawing:-)

  •  So my 3x a week blog updates did not work out so well this week. Life is just hectic. Work, moving, stress, stress and more stress. I am such a worrier and when something is bothering me, it manifests into huge anxiety. That's where I am right now. BUT, but much of that will be eliminated once I move into the new house. Three and a half weeks. Only 3.5 weeks left before I can start relaxing a bit.
  • I have been posting my food and runs on my Facebook page and Instagram. If you're interested, you can go check them out there. My running was still a struggle this week, but I just need to keep at it. I procrastinate getting out the door, but once I'm running, I feel good. I need to keep that in mind every day.
  • I went for a massage on Thursday. I've been having upper back and neck stiffness, so that's the area he focused on. When I woke up Friday morning I couldn't turn my head. He went very deep. But, by Friday night, all stiffness and soreness was gone. I guess I just needed a day of recovery. I feel fine right now. The best my neck/back has felt in weeks. He could have warned me though:-)
  • Julien wanted me to take a picture of a drawing he did. He insisted my hubby write GR. 01 DRAWING across the top because he said that when I posted it to Twitter, no one would believe a grade 1 drew it unless it was properly labeled because it's that good! 

Julien is always the ham:-)

  •  This week I posted a picture to Twitter and Instagram taken of me when I was about 8 or 9. I thought I looked a lot like Julien does now. So I did a side by side and asked him if he thought we looked alike. He said we look nothing alike because he does not look like a girl. I said, that he does not look like a girl, but I actually looked like a boy. Then he asked why I wore my hair like that. Good question! The requisite 70's perm:-(
  • I have been following my eating plan and cutting down on my fruit, and no nuts. The wine...I did have a couple glasses during the week. So that was a fail. But I'm not going to stress over it. I always strive for perfection when it comes to my lifestyle and that's just not realistic. I'm understanding and supportive of others who don't eat 100% on plan. I need to be less rigid with my own life. Wine is the only vice I have left. I should be allowed to enjoy it and not feel guilty about it. So I will. And my hubby twisted my arm (not too hard though) stating that wine was good for my heart. He just didn't want to drink alone in front of me:-)
  • One week into my eating plan and I already feel differently. I'm less bloated and my gut's not as soft. Also likely has to do with my increased water intake. I was really slacking on the water for a while. Not smart. Need lots of water to run, and my toes cramp less when I'm properly hydrated. The only downside is I go to the washroom like it's my job.

I don't know...I think there's a slight resemblance.

  •  This weather has do you say, unstable! I put on an outfit according to the Environment Canada forecast, and I'm either under dressed or overdressed. Even after the most horrific running winter ever (for me at least and it was only my second winter running), Mother Nature is still sticking it to me. She needs a serious attitude adjustment. I'm just not sure how I can make that happen. I may have to strike up a committee.
  • That's all I have for you. It was a busy, but pretty boring week. I may be doing the weekly blog check-ins for now, just because of the hecticness (is that even a word) that is my life. Once I'm settled, I'll get back into the swing of things! I will continue to post my food and runs to my Facebook page and Instagram. Thanks to everyone who checks in with me regularly. I appreciate your caring words:-) You all rock!
Friday evening wine:-)