Sunday, June 1, 2014

The post about a weekly check-in and my birthday week

Nonno's 84th b-day was celebrated last Sunday. And I melted with the long hair.
Wondering if I should get it more than trimmed for the summer...

  • So this is what my blog has become now? A weekly check-in? Just for now. I will blog frequently again once life has calmed down again. But for now, this is all I can manage. Plus, my life is pretty boring right now. Not a lot I can write about that is inspirational, interesting, fun. So you're stuck with boring check-ins.
  • Last Sunday we traveled to Scarborough for the day to celebrate my father-in-law's 84th birthday. What an amazing man my FIL is. He moved to Toronto from Sicily as a young man, married my MIL and raised his family. He worked hard in construction his entire life and his children have never wanted for anything. He's a man who loves the simple things in life and has a heart of gold. Love him to bits. And he loves his grandchildren to distraction. Happy 84th year papa:-) xx
  • Last week was a busy one work wise. Had to work a few late nights due to work events and scheduling. I also became a girly girl. I wore dresses twice. Yes, that's twice in one week. So unlike me. But it was fun and I don't think I clean up too badly. And I spent the week being very tall. Wore 4" wedges all week. Brought me to 5'11". When I weighed 300 pounds, I could never wear heels all day. I could barely wear them for an hour. It's nice to feel like a woman. And blisters aside, I'm hoping the heels will build up my calf muscles. You'd think with all the running I've done, I'd have better calves. And why do I have fat knees? Strange that!

In the picture on the right I'm wearing the bracelet Dawn made me as part of
her donation campaign for the Ride to Conquer Cancer. Very versatile piece of
jewelry. I can hook you up if you're interested. All proceeds go to RTCC and it's
fully tax deductible. Win, win:-)

  • Running continues to be a struggle but I'm doing better this week than I did last week. I definitely need a couple pairs of new shoes. I usually have 2 pair that I alternate. I only have 1 pair right now. And they are pretty much dead. So job one is getting myself some new runners. May make my runs a bit less ass dragging. I continue to struggle with my pace. It was better prior to me running the Bay even though I was running in the winter then. Go figure. I am a much more effective winter runner than I am a summer runner. When the weather changes, I struggle with breathing. I may get struck down by lightening for saying this, but I do prefer running in the winter. 
  • Still eating on plan. But I'm cutting back on fruit and nuts. I'm not running enough right now to afford those luxuries in my diet. And I'm not feeling as fit as I normally do because I'm not running as much. I'm at the beginning of training so my mileage isn't up where it normally is. That means, I can't indulge in the foods I love. And I'm thisclose to binging each time I eat nuts. Can definitely be a trigger food for me so avoidance is best right now. Trying to stick to lean protein and veggies that grow above ground for the next month or so. Need to regain confidence in many areas of my life, diet and exercise being at the top of my list!
  • I haven't gone back to see my Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction therapy counsellor. He cancelled on me, I was supposed to reschedule, and I haven't. He made me anxious more than anything. He gave me the CD's to listen to and they have been helpful. But I think that I need to just stick to my regular counselling for now. I can't work with a male counsellor. I'm much more connected to my female counsellor. And how much different counselling do I need? I'd like to think I'm not that effed up!
  • This is my birthday week. I am 44 on Tuesday. Already had a couple of celebrations this weekend. My neighbour came over with a bottle of wine Friday night, and Monica and Dawn took me to Baranga's on the Beach last night for drinks. Hubby and I have the same birth date, so we go to Tucker's Marketplace every year for dinner. It's free on your birthday:-) And we're cheap like that.
  • Wishing you all an awesome week. You'll not hear from me again until Friday when it's time for the next installment of "No Gains, No Grains". Be happy and healthy beautiful people:-)

Left: Ricky the raccoon came to celebrate my b-day with me last night.
Top right: Dawn's bracelets are also chokers!
Middle right: My POV Saturday afternoon. Love my yard. Am going to miss it:-(
Bottom right: My favorite summer meal. Souvlaki and village salad. And yes, I ate dairy
and it messed my stomach up:-(