Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A quick post about bruised knees, graduation and a filthy house

Knee photos from Saturday to Saturday.
  • My week, and weeks to come are so freaking busy, this is all I can manage right now. A half assed update with pictures. More pictures than text I think.  Last weekend I fell during my run. I was only 1K into my 7K run before I fell off a curb landing on all fours in front of a car. Stopped traffic in both directions and the driver actually got out of his car to check on me. I was waaaaaaaay more embarrassed than anything. I got up right away and took off running after yelling back that I was okay. I completed my run and my knee actually didn't start to hurt until I stopped running. Then it swelled up. I applied ice to it and cleaned it up. I still ran my long run the next day. It felt fine. It just didn't look good.
  • I've been more mindful of my eating. I'm trying to stick to lean protein and veggies grown above ground. I've been posting my meals to Instagram and my Facebook page (when I remember to snap a photo). Once I join the gym in the next month, I am going to go hardcore with my restrictive eating again. I'd like to lean out as much as I can before heading to Stockholm for my half marathon in September.

So, so dirty. And I had no water for two days...during the day.
  • My house is in total disarray right now. There is clay and sewage all over my main floor. The plumbing stack and sewage pipes were replaced. The pipe needs to stay exposed for another week so we can determine if there are any leaks before filling it in. Uncle John out did himself for sure. After the pipes get filled back in, all I need to do is get my fireplace ignition wire fixed. Uncle John thinks he can do that too. 

Love the pic of my dad and niece on the bottom:-)
The graduating class of 2014.

  • My beautiful niece graduated from grade eight on Friday. I am so proud. When I saw her walk down the aisle, I couldn't help but think of how much she's grown, and my eyes started to sweat (as Julien would say). My mother would be so proud of her. She's an honour roll student, received the English award, she's a talented dancer and an athlete. And she is the city champion for long jump. Can't wait to see what she accomplishes in high school.

My horrible run from Saturday.

  •  Still struggling with my runs. I ran on Saturday and it's the first time I ever just wanted to pack it in. I sometimes think that I can't wait to be done a run, but I never consider just stopping during mid run. I felt like shit the entire run. Couldn't get my breathing right and just struggled. I finished it and Sunday's run was much better, but boy did I hate the mental war I was having with myself.
  • Not sure what else to say right now. I'm likely going to do quick weekly posts over the next few weeks. Moving day is fast approaching and I don't have one box packed. I'm such a tool. I leave EVERYTHING to the last minute. It will get done, but I need to step it up. Packing officially begins this weekend. Leaving you with pictures from my Sunday with the boy and my gorgeous foster sister Rita:-)

Yes, Julien and I are wearing a bucket on our head. I'm not sure why.