Saturday, July 26, 2014

The post about fitness, soreness and a personal trainer

My new kicks from the Running Room Outlet. Two pairs of Mizunos and a 3-pack of
socks...$160.00 (tax incl). SCORE!!!!

  • I'm back. And this time should be for good. I have internet access again. The only other issue was that during the move we lost the power cord to our desk top and we just got a universal one on Wednesday. Sony wanted $150.00 for a replacement. My BIL found one compatible at Factory Direct for $20.00. It pays to hubby always says:-)
  • For those of you who have sent me private messages, I thank you and will be responding shortly. I will also be back to reading all your blogs again. I am soooooooo behind in my blog reading. I finally feel like there's some normalcy back in my life. 
  • I have lots I can talk about and I'm breaking up stuff into separate posts. I'm gonna start by talking about the gym in this post. I joined the gym a couple weeks ago. I am sore. I went for a fitness assessment over a week ago, and although my cardio is good, I have no strength. I'm as weak as a newborn kitten. 
  • I talked about my running, and the trainer told me I have become a sloppy runner. I agree 100%. I have become very sloppy. That is why my feet have been cramping sooner than normal. My form is lazy which causes me to be lazy. It is just what I needed to hear. And it made me realize that I have a lot of work to do.
  • The woman who assessed me was 7 inches shorter than me. I weighed 5 pounds more than her. But she was so lean and muscular that I looked huge next to her. That was very motivating for me. We talked about my problem areas. And even though I'll need plastic surgery on my arms to get them looking how I want, I want to get them in the best shape I can before I go for a consult. 
  • My strengthening routine at the gym focuses on my glutes, abs, thighs, arms and shoulders. I've done 3 personal training sessions and I am sore. The gym is hard! Much respect to those of you who werk it at the gym. I am completely out of my element.
  • My personal trainer is a masochist. This is good for me. I need to be pushed because I won't push myself hard enough. I started with a woman, but she switched me to a young guy who is a runner. He says that if I don't challenge myself, I won't improve. He has me doing all kinds of stuff which includes machines and floor exercises. Whoever invented burpees should be flogged...just say'in!

Was a lazy shopper last week. Put the skirt on over my jeans at Old Navy.
How I wore it on Monday to work. And it was a deal. $14.00:-)

  • I have been running in dead shoes. They had over 1000K on them. I finally made it to the Running Room Outlet store in Toronto and picked up a couple pair of Mizunos. Awesome deal! 2 pair for $130.00. And they're girl shoes...purple! Mizuno works for me because they come in wide width. Need that for my orthotics and more toe room for the Morton's Neuroma.
  • Now that my trip to Stockholm and London is booked, this shit has gotten real. I am sore, but still need to put in the mileage to train for the half. I'm running 4-5 times per week and doing gym stuff 3x per week. I'm gonna get in a couple classes too (ie: yoga). I need to do yoga to help me stretch and recover in between gym sessions. That saying, "no pain, no gain" better be accurate. From my guestimation, I should be gaining a lot of muscle...did I mention I was sore?
  • The one area I need to work on is my food intake...quantity not quality. I'm not eating enough for what I'm doing right now. I need more protein. When I come back from the gym, I crave protein. I'm going to have grilled chicken breast in my fridge like I have hard boiled eggs right now. Easy to grab the minute I walk through the door and need something in my stomach.
  • What I am in desperate need of now is sports bras and running capris. It's a bit depressing shopping for sports bras. All I need is minimal support and low impact. See photo above in the red top...
  • The gym is an intimidating place for sure. I'm waaaaaaaaaay out of my comfort zone there but I'm glad to be doing something different. I love running. But lately I have become bored and unmotivated. I have been struggling. I definitely needed something to add to my running routine. Strength training will lean me out and make me a more efficient and faster runner. That's exactly what I need. 
  • I was told that I have no weight to lose, but I will lose inches. Bring it on I say! Last year at this time I was at my fittest. I was training for the Road 2 Hope Marathon (which never happened because I broke my ankle). Although my weight has not changed, I'm not as toned as I was last summer. This means I've lost muscle. I know my body well, and I just know I felt better about myself and my physical abilities a year ago. 
  • So now I'll work my ass off to get back to there...and better! I am working hard again and doing things that make me uncomfortable. That is the only way I will progress. I know this from experience. Nothing is easy. Losing weight isn't easy and neither is maintenance. If I want to be the best runner I can be, that will take lots of work. And challenging myself is the only way I'll get there!

Now here's a comparison photo for you. The photo on the left was taken
2 weeks ago, the photo on the right this past Monday.
See what a heavily padded push up bra can do for you ladies:-)