Thursday, July 17, 2014

The post about having no internet access or desktop...

My access pass to the gym!

  • So a really quick update. I'm using my work lap top and I'm not really supposed to be. After our move on the 7th, we had no internet access until the 13th. And during the move, my hubby lost the power cord to our desktop computer, which is where all the magic happens. It's still missing because we have to get a new one from the Sony store and my brother-in-law is getting us one this weekend in Toronto. So anyway, this is going to be short and sweet.
  • I am struggling big time with the running. So much so that last weekend I finally joined the gym because I think I really need to switch it up. My feet have been bothering me a lot lately and it's been playing some real mental games with my head. I get so anxious every time I go for a run. My foot pain is happening much earlier on than it used to. My toes will start to go numb during a 6K run. That never happened before.
  • I'm going for a fitness assessment tomorrow. I'm going to come up with a fitness plan and a running schedule. Only 58 days before the Stockholm Halv. And it is official now. I have booked my flight and registered for the race. No turning back now!

  • I got to hang out with Tanya the other night. She's visiting family for a few weeks. She's also in training mode and neither of us is in the best running form right now. But I am going to Stockholm to run a race with her and have fun. I'm not going to get a PB (personal best), just to visit my friend and have a much deserved vacation. We're going to have a fun race and run it together.
  • Seeing Tanya this week made me realize how much I have missed her. I haven't seen her since February and it was great catching up. She's definitely someone who gets me and who I can confide in. Only 56 more days till I land in Stockholm!

Tanya and I out for dinner a couple nights ago.

  • My move went pretty good. I hired movers which was the best decision I ever made. It was awesome. They had me moved in 5 hours! It would have taken us all day and all I did was stand and point. Definitely worth the thousand bucks it cost. I'm still unpacking some stuff. But I have a huge job ahead of me this weekend. I have to build several pieces of Ikea furniture. My whole house needs to be painted, but I'm leaving that until the fall.
  • Although my running has been off, I am eating on plan. Still Paleo 85% of the time. Someone saw a pic of me on Twitter and asked if I have gained weight. I have not. My clothes all fit me the same as ever. Do I feel fit? Not so much. I was definitely more fit around the time I ran the Bay back in March. My boobs were bigger for a few days. You know, that time of month thing. Sadly,they have receded again:-(

My questionable weight gain pic from Twitter. The boobs were definitely bigger and I could
have had better posture. Photo was taken July 11th, 2014.

  • Work has been hectic. I just have over a week left before I'm off for a week. Then I'm back for 2 weeks before I'm off for 2 weeks. Then I'm back for a week before I leave for Stockholm. Time is creeping away! And there's some tough stuff going down at work right now. Makes me anxious for sure.
  • Short and sweet like I promised. I'll get into a more in-depth post once I get my desktop up and running after this weekend. This summer is definitely going to go down as one of my most difficult. Although I have made a lot of change in my life which has been good, there are some areas that have been a huge struggle.  And even though I have been coping better than I would have this past winter, the clutter in my head still has the ability to mess me up. I continue to see a counselor and I'm learning to take better care of my emotional well being. I'm still a work in progress for sure. But I'm getting there. Slowly but surely I'm getting there.

My last selfie at Mental Health court:-( I'm gonna miss
the free apples and singing during recess.
July 14, 2014