Sunday, July 6, 2014

The post about a much overdue update

Although my run sucked ass, I got to hang with Monica for the night:-)

  • It has been almost two weeks since my last update. Life has been hectic to say the least. Moving day is tomorrow. My life is in boxes. My heart is heavy and I had so much stress a few days ago, that I almost needed Adivan, almost. Did deep breathing instead and was able to control myself. 
  • Lets start the recap from the 24th of June though. I ran the Tim Horton's Peach Bud 10K in Grimsby, ON. I was gifted the race bib by my gal Dawn who couldn't run. I could have changed my name on the bib, but ended up being her for the night instead. Not such a bad trade off. She's gorgeous and 34:-) Definitely one of my more difficult races. It was very hot and humid that night. It poured rain just before gun time and you would have thought it would have lifted the humidity a touch? Nope, just made it worse. I was soaked by the time I finished and my race time was not my finest effort by far. But I did it. My finishing time was 1:08:39 (pace 6:52/km). I wanted this race to be finished as soon as I started running it!
  • Last weekend the sewage pipe, plumbing stack and drywall was finally completed at my house. My house no longer smells like sewage and my basement is drying up nicely. It went from being a dark, dank wet hole, to be being a dank hole. It still needs attention, because it is a cellar. But my closing conditions have all been met!

Uncle John did some primo work here. And the basement is drying up nicely!

  • My last day of work was June 30th. I'm off until the 9th of July for the move. Moving day came quickly and I procrastinated till the last minute. I'm in pretty good shape right now. I'm spending today taking my laundry over to the new house and starting that while I do some deep cleaning. At least the kitchen and bathrooms. All my kitchen stuff is already there, so I can start putting stuff away too.
  • Wednesday night I went to my lawyer's home to sign all the papers. The papers for the purchase of my new home as well as the sale of my current home. I also brought all documentation over and  everything was in order. Thursday morning around 11am he calls me and says that the buyers of my house have had a problem with their financing. The need to extend closing from the 8th to the 11th to secure new financing. He also told me that if my house sale fell through, I'd get their deposit and have to re-list. I couldn't back out of purchasing my new home though because it leaves me liable to a lawsuit. FUCK ME! Talk about the last thing I need to hear the day before my new house closes. 
  • Turns out that my buyers lender messed up big time. Did not send an appraiser during conditional. Only sent one a couple weeks ago from Toronto. They don't know the market here. Compared my house to one that recently sold 3K away in the dodgiest part of Hamilton imaginable. The appraisal came in low and they refused to give my buyers the mortgage they needed. So Thursday a new lender sent another appraiser over. This one was from Burlington. Much closer to home. During the 24 hours that we didn't get the appraisal back, my agent and lawyer were in full panic mode. And so was I. I had to close on my new house on Friday and there was a good possibility that if things didn't work out for my buyers, I'd really own 2 houses and have 2 mortgages. So, so messed up. At the 11th hour, the new appraisal came back at value but shit. That was some real uncalled for stress right there. 

  •  During all this stress we did manage to work some fun into the week. I took Julien to It's Your Festival in Gage Park during the week. We went on some midway rides and I got completely bruised and battered. I'm still sporting some prime shoulder blade bruises from some crazy ride that  flipped us around upside down. He loved it so it was worth it. I never say no when he asks to go on a ride with me regardless of how terrifying I think it may be. Three summers ago I couldn't fit on rides. Warning...when watching the above video, mind the volume. We're pretty loud!
  • Canada Day was a busy one for me. Lots of house stuff. But we did manage some fun for the day. We went to Lynden to watch the fireworks. This is the 3rd year in a row we've gone. For such a small community, they put on a good show. Fun was had by all.
  • Must go and get my day underway. I've been eating on plan and still running, but I feel a little lost. I can't wait to be settled so I can focus on the gym and training for my half in Stockholm. Some other big news is that Tanya's back home for the month of July. Yay! Hoping to get a couple of runs in with her since we are training for the same race:-) I leave you with a cute video I made with Julien on Canada Day. I'll try to update in another week!