Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The post about busy times...

Haven't posted in a while, and I have lots to tell. But I'm off work until after Labor Day and busy with family fun and an upcoming mini-vacation. I did finally make it up to Cutler this past weekend to visit my birth mother's final resting place. It was a deeply personal time. I went with my foster sister and we had a blast spending time together. I recorded the entire weekend, minus the personal moments and I'll share some video with you now. Until I can get back to regular blogging, you get to follow my adventure to Northern Ontario. This is where my roots are. This is where I'm from. Feel free to skip these posts.We're very silly and sing badly:-) And they have nothing to do with lifestyle or fitness! Just a personal pilgimage. And I'm so blessed to have had Rita with me. She took my mind off of the anxiety I was feeling about going to my reserve. The last time I was there I met my birth mother (back in April 2010). So enjoy, or not. I'll not be offended if this doesn't interest you:-)

Our 1st selfie of the trip. First stop? Starbucks!!!!