Friday, August 29, 2014

The post about a summer vacation, time ticking away and car repairs

Having fun at Cedar Point.

We had a great trip to Sandusky Ohio. Julien had a blast. I will share more when I get there during my catch-up posts. I will say that I went on some scary shit rides. And I saw a few people turned away because they were too big to fit on rides. I know that feeling all too well. Sometimes it's hard to get my head around the fact that I'm small enough to fit in ride restraints...and they don't touch me at all. The shoulder restraints make me feel unsafe. They're so roomy, it feels like they're loose. But, I went, I rode, I didn't say no regardless of how scary it was. This is why I changed my lifestyle. To do stuff like this with my son. We had an awesome time!

Time is ticking away. Before I know it I'll be on a plane headed to Stockholm. This makes me anxious. I've never been away from Julien for more than a night. I know I'll have a great time, and I feel a lot selfish, but this is a great opportunity for me. One I'll likely never repeat (unless I win the lottery for the London Marathon in April). If I don't get into London, I'll not be too heartbroken, and I won't be entering again. Next year all of my trips will be of the family variety!

My car died. It's in the garage right now getting a new engine. I can't even talk about it. Because I drive so much for work, my car goes through a lot of wear and tear. I didn't want to pay for the repairs and if I wasn't still paying for it, I'd have dumped it and just gotten a new car. But I have a year of payments left, so I had to bite the bullet. Can't make 3 car payments at once. I'm still paying for my husband's car too.

I leave you with some more video of my trip up to Cutler to visit my birth mother's final resting place. Again, lots of silliness and lip syncing. Proud of the fact that I know all the words to Mack the Knife:-)