Sunday, November 9, 2014

The very short post about being grounded and Canadian Running

Lotsa Sunroof Selfies to highlight my frugal fashion. No piece of clothing with
the exception of the leather cost me over $10. I'm a shopping goddess:-)

  • It's been an interesting week. Thought I singlehandedly cured my PF earlier in the week by digging out 2 heel corns. It brought me relief for a day, I ran (my best pace in ages), then couldn't walk the next day. I'm a loser. But, I went to physio on Thursday and got taped. Threw around the possibility that I could have a stress fracture. Thankfully I do not have a stress fracture and by Friday after my emergency massage to strip my achilles tendon, I had much better mobility. My foot is taped with super adhesion spray and I go back to physio on Monday. I have been grounded from running for at least 1 week, maybe 2. But I agreed (grudgingly) after losing the bargaining component of the 5 stages of grief Thursday evening with Graham in physio. Rest is really my only option at this point. 
  • Something exciting that happened is I got to appear in a running article on the website for the running magazine Canadian Running. You can read the story here. Loved doing this interview because the focus is on running. I've done numerous weight loss interviews which I also enjoy, but besides being a big (weight) loser, I'm also a runner. And I love talking about running. It's part of who I am. 
  • My two physio appointments are depicted below. My right foot has plantar fasciitis, my left foot is still swollen and bruised from falling down the stairs on Halloween. Don't know if I mentioned that the reason I fell is because my cat tripped me. She's been trying to kill me since we moved to this house. Not sure why since I'm the only one who feeds her. I think she misses the old neighborhood and is acting out her aggression the only way she knows how...
  • Short and sweet as promised. Excited to be making a HUGE 7 lb pork roast today. I'll do a pepper squash, green beans and roasted mushroom side with it. Can't wait. I have homemade applesauce to go with it too. Wishing you all a pleasant week. And don't forget to remember our veterans and soldiers on Tuesday. Lest we forget...

Thursday's physio included manipulation, double icing and a tape job.

Friday's physio was a single icing (after manipulation), getting stoned off of
aerosol fumes and a sexy tape job.