Monday, November 24, 2014

The post about getting to run, a yoga class and Santa Claus

My food logs from the past four days. Although there are some veggies I'm
avoiding right now ie: Dinner on the 23rd, the family's eating those.

  • I am almost one week into my strict/clean eating plan. It's going well. Got right back in there. Just like riding a bike. And the bonus of doing it this time around? No processed carb and refined sugar withdrawal. If I felt off with anything, it was cutting back on my coffee the first couple days. But I'm sticking to my 2 cups a day rule...except for Friday. Had all day training on that day and I needed something to keep me awake! Also getting all the water in. I feel really good and it's no bother eating like I used to. I got lenient with some things and I think it's better to stay as clean as possible. So I'm reining it in. When I do reintroduce fruit, nuts and wine, I'm going to be much more conscious of serving sizes.
  • I finally got to run on the weekend. Yay! I ran 3k on Saturday to test out the went well. I ran 5k on Sunday, and even though my heel was a bit sore throughout the day, it wasn't horrible. And it was non-existent when I wore my runners with the formerly useless orthotics I paid $600 for. They finally came in handy. I'm actually running in them now for better support. 

Just before heading into my first yoga class.

  • Today is my rest day...I'm hoping to run tomorrow. Getting my ass kicked right now with a head cold. I'll run as long as the cold is not in my chest. I did attend my first yoga class yesterday. It was really very good for me to be so soundly humiliated. I am not flexible. Not even a little bit. It's definitely a challenge and I need to attend regularly so I can get more limber. I am a mess. But there is hope for me. I am supposed to be there right now. Instead I'm blogging from bed. Achoo! I'm considering getting up super early Wednesday and attending the 6am class...switching out my running rest day from Friday to Wednesday and striking a pose instead...DONE! Just like that. I'm up at 4:30 anyway.
  • This past weekend seemed like a blur. I was on the go all weekend. We went to the Santa Claus Parade on Saturday. The lamest parade ever. And as my hubby and I complained to each other under our breath, it was totally worth it because Julien loved it. Saturday was a nice family day. Lunch out, then the parade, then home for a crock pot roast for dinner. 
  • Sunday was a chore day. I woke up not feeling great. Went for a run, then the early yoga class. After lunch and a shower I went grocery shopping, put everything away, changed the linens, separated and began the laundry, folded laundry and made dinner. Julien had a friend over so I was also catering to those boys all afternoon. And I felt like crap by the end of the day. I kept saying I was going to bed, and hubby told me to go more than once, but I ended up reading bedtime books with Julien before finally heading to bed. Thought I was going to call in sick today, but felt well enough to go to work. I'm bagged now though. So a short and sweet check in post. 
  • Tomorrow marks the end of week one of #operation...(something clever to go here). I'm feeling pumped and motivated. Can't wait to see the differences in my body. I know the scale isn't going to drop leaps and bounds. Not like when I was bigger and losing weight but that's okay. I bought a pair of very form fitting skinny red cords from Value Village. I can't get them done up...not even close. But they are my goal pants. Hoping to be wearing them comfortably in a few months and be confident enough to wear them out of the house. I will keep going till they do fit because I am feeling positive. I have the tools to get to where I want to be, I just need to apply them and stay focused. Challenge accepted!

Santa Claus is officially in Hamilton.