Monday, December 1, 2014

The post about progress, lots of progress

Physio this week...Right Plantar Fasciitis foot good!
Foot my cat made me twist while trying to kill me, stiff:-(

  • It's weekly update time! A few things to update you on. Physio, food, yoga, pilates, running. Same old, same old. Physio went well this week. I got the go ahead to up my mileage. This is good since I'm running a 10 miler (16K) on Boxing Day. My Plantar foot (right) is about 90%, and my twisted ankle (left) was feeling super stiff. Graham worked on it for me and gave me much better mobility. So I'm doing pretty good right now. Fingers crossed things stay this way. Don't have to go back and see Graham for 2 weeks!
  • I had a pilates assessment at physio on Friday. All looks good and I start private pilates instruction this week. Tomorrow is my first session. I have been blessed with unlimited physio benefits through work, so this is awesome. I need pilates to strengthen my core and, help with my balance and flexibility. Looking forward to it!

Leaving yoga class yesterday.

  • I am loving yoga. I got out to 2 classes this past week. One of them at 6am! Yay me! Pats self on back:-) I'm doing that one as much as I can. That instructor was my favorite so far. It's challenging, but I know the more I practice, the better I'll get. And using my muscles the way I do to get into and hold the poses will definitely strengthen and tone me. I may be getting a touch addicted. I can take 4 classes per week that work with my schedule. I'm gonna try for all 4 this week. 
  • As I said, running has been going well. No pain while running. Just a bit of soreness afterwards, but with stretching, it goes away. And although I have a bit of tenderness when I wake up in the morning, after walking around a bit, it also goes away. My pace isn't where it was, and part of that is because I'm still scared to push too hard in case I re-injure myself. After the Boxing Day 10 Miler, I have to start training for the Chilly 1/2 and the Around the Bay 30K. Serious training with hill repeats and stuff. Just bought a new fridge calendar so I'll be working out that schedule soon. 

My runs from the week. Pace ain't great, but is somewhat consistent:-)

  • It's been two weeks since I've been eating strictly. No wine, nuts, fruit, sauces and limited Phase 2 veggies. I have Phase 2 veggies sporadically. I try not to have them every day. Way more Phase 1 meals than Phase 2. And no licking the knife while preparing my son's peanut butter on toast in the morning. That was a bad habit I got into...peanuts are not Paleo!!! 
  • Weigh-in is this wednesday. I'm excited, but don't expect a huge drop in weight. That's why this could take me 3 months or more to do. And I'm patient. Going back to stricter eating was waaaaay easier this time around because I was already there. Just the foods that I over indulged in were cut out. They will come back...when I'm leaner. And in much more controlled portions, and only when I'm training hard. So it's not forever, it's just for now. And food is just fuel, not my entertainment. Have a great week, and I'll continue to post my food journals and workouts on my Facebook page and Instagram. Namaste...

My eats from last week.