Sunday, December 14, 2014

The post about a blogging break...

Back in 2015...

  • I know I've been MIA for a bit. I've not fallen off the rails or anything. I'm 4 weeks in with no wine, fruit, nuts or sweet potato. My next weigh-in is on Wednesday. I'm still posting my food journals and weigh-ins on my Instagram and Facebook page. And I will keep doing that as I take a blogging break for the rest of the year. 
  • This is a hectic time. I'm trying to juggle work, family, training, life. And I'm also doing some soul searching. I think it's been quite evident that I have lost the blogging bug over the past 6 months or so. It's become more of a chore for me and I don't like that. I used to blog regularly without issue and with ease. Now I find myself struggling to come up with anything interesting or useful to say. My day to day life really is futile and boring. I say the same thing over and over. "Food is fuel, running is my savior." To be honest, I find myself super dull. Reading back a year ago, I was much more fun.
  • I'm also on a counselling break. Just till after the New Year. My counselor is taking some much needed time off. But she has given me some food for thought. I am still trying really hard to find "self". I've no idea who I am anymore. Who knew that 2 years in at being "normal size" would still see me struggling with my self identity and confidence? I never saw this coming. That notion that losing weight will bring you instant happiness? Not always the case unless you are emotionally ready for your life, your image, your sense of security (for me it was my extra weight) to completely change. I mean I'm never going back to how I was, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that self confidence continues to be a daily struggle.
  • Jeez, even this post is getting depressing. I'm really not in a horrible place, I just need to regroup. Regroup and re-evaluate my blog. Maybe I need a blog makeover. Maybe I need to focus more on the present and make this more a lifestyle blog as opposed to a weight-loss blog. I'm not sure where I'll go. But I'm definitely going to give it some serious thought. 
  • I will leave you a few quick updates. Hubby and I went to Fallsview Casino last weekend for an overnight. I lost $80 and won $80, so I broke even. We both bought new leather jackets because Danier was having a 50% off sale. I have NEVER spent this much on myself. But I'm not going to feel guilty. An early Christmas gift to me...and him. I love this jacket. I've always wanted a biker jacket. And it fits me like a glove. Must stay in shape for the jacket...
  • I've been discharged from physio. Plantar fasciitis is gone. Rest really does work. My lower back is messed up, but that's nothing new. Still doing yoga and Pilates so flexibility, balance and core strength should aid with all my chronic aches and pains.
  • And my eating is going well. Week four into much more mindful/strict eating. I will continue to eat this way until training for the Bay (last Sunday in March) is complete. To be honest, I like being this much in control during a very difficult time of year. Since I know everything except veggies and protein is off the table, it makes my life so much easier. And I'm a control freak so I'm really in my element right now. 
  • That's pretty much it. See? A couple weeks wrapped up in a few bullet points. Not a lot to say. I thank you all for reading and for being so supportive to me over the 3 years that I have been writing here. This blog was instrumental in helping me reach my weight-loss goals. I now have new goals and maybe it's time to move on from here. Soul searching underway!
  • Wishing you and yours a very joyous and safe holiday season. Peace, love and happiness always. I will be back in the New Year. Cheers!

Isn't she precious? Love this jacket!!!!