Friday, November 13, 2015

The post about lifting my own body weight, being unrecognizable and I did not forget...

  • Meanwhile, Monday on Instagram...
  • It's coffee time and it's fecken freezing out. Minus 2C with the windchill. I don't have a winter coat. Something I have to remedy very soon. That and new snow tires. This morning it hurt to get out of bed. The abs got worked hard yesterday. I dream of a hard stomach. I don't need a 6 pack, or even a 4 pack. Just a hard, flat surface would be nice. My stomach, although somewhat flat, is soft. I'm not complaining though. I spent my life hating my abdomen. 
  • My stomach and my arms were my most hated body parts and the two areas I tried hardest to cover up. I still cover up my stomach. I'm not gonna lie. I filtered this photo because it was so white it was blinding. My stomach never sees the light of day. But maybe with consistent hard work over the next year, it'll get some muscle. And with muscle will come confidence. And with confidence I'll still keep it covered because I'm 45 years old for Pete sake! Haha! I shit you. If you've got it (confidence) flaunt it, no matter what your age or size:-) Happy Monday! 

  • Meanwhile, Tuesday on Instagram...
  • It's coffee time and who lifted their body weight on the trap bar this morning? This girl did. And let me just say, I'm fecken heavy! My personal best. And I was able to do 10 reps. Next week we up the weight and do less reps. I'm not gonna lie. I'm pretty damn proud of myself. 
  • Tony also put me in the leg press which looks like a medieval torture machine if you ask me. He gets me to warm up with 90 pounds then says he's adding 90 more. Whoa! Wait! What? That's quite the jump I yell at him. He says, "Leigh, you just trapped 165, you can press 180". And he was right. I actually ended up pressing 200. 
  • And the weighted vest:-( Wearing that while doing walking lunges and back extensions is no joke yo. The vest weights 45 pounds and he had me carry 2x10 pound dumbbells. I hate him. Not true. I love my trainer. He challenges me and makes me work hard. I'm feeling super fatigued and I was starving by the time I got home. I ate all the protein and now I'm getting ready for my work day. I've a few reports to write, then I'm heading to Toronto for a dinner meeting. Have an awesome day everyone:-)

  • It's transformation Tuesday and I often forget how different my face looks from 4 years ago. When I was at an all day workshop for work last week, I sat at a table with a woman I've known for years. I work for a fairly big organization and we do not work out of the same office. But I see her once in a while. I greeted her warmly and she smile and nodded. I could see the disconnect right away. I wrote my name on the tags provided and the workshop began. 
  • At the break she said, "Leigh, the last training we attended together was in Hamilton at that yacht club". I told her I remembered. They served lunch and the view of Hamilton harbor was nice. Then she said, that it was five years ago. I replied, "That long ago? That's the last time I saw you?". She said it was, then leaned over and whispered, "I didn't recognize you. You look wonderful". And here I thought she was pissed at me. I always forget that I look different and people that have known me for 15 years will walk right past me without any recognition. I always love seeing the look on their faces when I stop them to talk and they realize it's me...

  • Meanwhile, Wednesday on Instagram...
  • It is coffee time and today we remember...
  • #LestWeForget 
  • #RememberThem 
  • #11days11ways 
  • #RemembranceDay2015

  • It was a long day and all I really want to do is go to bed. I've an early morning training session. I'll be up at 4:30 and at the gym by 5:30. After I do HIIT, it's upper body which means shoulders and back. And core. He'll make me do core. And all the pull ups and push ups. Hate them both. 
  • Today I felt geriatric. After my personal best on the trap bar yesterday I was strutting around like I was tough shit. Today I could barely make it out of bed. My hamstrings, quads and ass are so sore. I was all like, "I'm gonna run Wednesday morning". I can't even comfortably get in and out of my car. I'm too delicate for this shit. Why? Why do I torture myself like this? Goals. That's why...


  1. That weight vest is a great tool. I bought my own, it is a 50 lb one with a 25 lb overlay you can attach to it.

  2. Where have you been? Is everything OK with you? Haven't seen you on social media for a few days which is so not like you. I hope you are good :o)