Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm hooked on a feeling

On Monday I started my 5k clinic at the Running Room.  I'm sad that Carol is no longer my running instructor.  She really rocked...and called me Lynn up until a month ago.  However, all of my running gals, with the exception of Jennifer, have moved onto the 5k clinic with me.  Our new instructor Eric seems like an amiable dude.  So I'm sure all will be wonderful.  I'm hoping to work on improving my speed during this clinic as well as running more hills.
Our "For women Only" clinic.
Enz, me and Bev in the back.  Carol, Jennifer and Tanya up front.
I have a race next weekend.  Another 5k...the Run for Wells.  This is my first, and likely only race without a medal.  At least it is chip timed so I can see if my speed has improved since the Hazel 5k.  I have races planned every month until November.  I was getting a little addicted, so I've limited myself to one per month.  I can't afford to enter any more than that.   After the Run for Wells comes the Meredith Hagan Inspiration Run.  I'm looking forward to this one.  It's near and dear to Tanya's heart because her fiance went to school with Meredith.  It's a 5.6k trail run with hills.  I'm looking forward to the challenge and for supporting such a worthy cause.

Yesterday I had dinner out at a work function.  It was a banquet style dinner.  The only thing I could eat was the chicken breast and the 4 stalks of asparagus served with the entree.  So I could not eat the cream of mushroom soup, the rolls, the mashed potatoes, the apple crumble dessert with ice cream, the iced cupcake lollipops or the two kinds of cake (chocolate and vanilla).  According to everyone at my table, it was all pretty tasty.  Some questioned how I could not be tempted to indulge in the many desserts that were served.  It was surprisingly easy.  I drank a ton of water and just reminded myself how great I felt.  No food could replace that feeling.

I saw many people that I have not seen in a few months and must have gotten at least (and I'm not even exaggerating) a dozen comments on my appearance.  During the work day, I got an additional 6 comments from people who see me on a daily basis.  I was wondering if my appearance changed dramatically over night.  It is a big incentive to keep going when I get so many positive comments.  Makes me want to reach my goal more than ever.

Today I went through the clearance racks at Old Navy.  I found a score.  A pair of shorts for under $6.  Right now I have no shorts and my 16R jeans and capris are getting a bit baggy.  Baggy but still comfortable.  So I purchased the shorts in size 14R.  A size I haven't seen since my hubby and I were first dating.  I figured I'd fit into them in a few weeks.  So I bring them home and try them on...and they fit perfectly.  Man, I love that feeling!
My $5.90 Old Navy shorts.  Cute huh?