Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Official race photos

I swore I wouldn't purchase any, but I couldn't resist.  It was my first race for Pete's sake!  So here are some official pictures from the Chocolate Race.  Trust me, these are the cream of the crop.  The other dozen or so, not so flattering.  But seeing those unflattering photos, definitely makes me wanna keep running!  Talk about an instant motivator.  I may look decent in street clothes, but compression wear, not so much!
Me on the left, Beverly, Enz, Pauline and Tanya.
It was the first race for Bev, Tanya and I, the first Canadian race for Pauline.
Pauline's a Mathematics student from Paris, France working towards her PhD.
She's freakishly smart and scares the Bejeezus our of me!
This is the beginning of the race.  My running girls are behind me.
Tanya on the left (checking out my shoes, or my butt), I'm blocking Enz, and Bev (#214) to the right.
I look like a strong runner with good form here but looks are deceiving.
Bev and Tanya finished almost three minutes ahead of me!
Me and Enz coming to the finish line.
It's a shame they didn't get my arms pumping into the air as I passed the finish line shot!
So there you have it!  My first race is now recorded in the Chocolate Race picture archives.  If you want a fun race to do, I highly recommend this one.  It's probably the most fun I've had in a long time!  And all the chocolate!  There is lots of chocolate to eat during and after.  Well worth the registration fee.

I'm hoping to post some new recipes soon.  I've put them on the back burner for a couple of reasons.  I don't have a working camera, and I've been obsessed about running.  How boring for those of you who don't care about running!  I have a very yummy pickled onion and arugula salad I want to post about.  I adapted it from a recipe in the latest Running Room magazine.  Hopefully, I'll get it posted within the week.

Note to self...never let your 4 year old take pictures with your digital camera lest he drop it and damage the lens.  $190 to fix it?  Ummm, no thanks.  I'll just get one of those funky new android phones.  I haven't upgraded my phone in three years!  When it comes to technology, I'm sooooooo old school.  I thought it was cool enough to have a qwerty keyboard phone, but apparently not.  My adolescent clients tell me I have a "ghetto" phone.  I need to remedy this tout de suite!  The last thing I want to be is ghetto! I really can't pull that off, nor my qwerty phone apparently.