Sunday, August 11, 2013

The post about my LSD and my weight

I had a difficult morning yesterday.  My back was not great.  I did myself no favors by going on rides with Julien on Friday (it was fun though).  All morning I kept flip flopping over whether or not to do my 6K steady run.  I was so indecisive and really wanted to do the run, but knew in my heart, it wasn't the best thing for me.  I talked myself into doing the run, then thought about the advice I'd give someone else.  I decided to listen to my body and sit the 6K out.  My reasoning was that I'd rather sacrifice a 6K run than a 19K run.  I spent the day applying ice to my back and I took some muscle relaxants before bed.

Not a bad pace for a LSD considering I had to walk my cramped toes out a
few times and ran through the city so I had to contend with a lot of lights.

I woke up this morning feeling a little better.  As the morning wore on, my back felt better and better and I finally headed out just after 10 am to get my 19K LSD done.  When I first started out, I could really feel my back muscle, and it went into spasm a couple of times, but nothing like what it was like Thursday night.  As I continued to run, my back felt looser and by the end of my run, the only thing that was really bothering me was my crampy toes.  I iced my back as soon as I got home, then once again after my shower.  As I type this, I actually feel completely normal.  No pain in my back at all.  Maybe I just needed a real long run to loosen everything up.

I was a bit nervous about my run today.  It's the furthest distance I've run since the Niagara Women's Half Marathon on June 2nd.  I was more anxious about my feet than anything else.  My toes actually didn't get really crampy and painful until 18K.  I walked a bit, then was able to finish it up.  So I didn't do too bad, considering I wasn't wearing the orthotics.  I'm not sure if they're gonna work yet.  I didn't get to test them out yesterday.

Mashed rutabaga, salmon cake, sauteed cabbage.  Basically
what was left in my fridge/pantry.  I have to shop tonight.

I haven't weighed myself in ages.  I stepped on the scale after my shower to see that my weight was 154.5. Then I stepped down, got back on and it said 165.5.  I stepped down again, got back on and it said 165.  I stepped off and got back on again and it said 166.5.  So there you have it. My weight is anywhere between 154.5 and 166.5.  I'm going with 166.5. I know I said that I was trying to lose weight again, but the reality of my situation is that when I'm running 50+ kilometers per week, I need to eat until I'm satisfied.  The best time for me to drop weight is when I am not training.  Right now I need to fuel myself up so I can complete the runs.  This week hill training starts and my next long run is 23K.  That will be the furthest distance I have ever run.

I can cut out nuts and wine again.  They worked their way back into my diet.  Friday I actually had nuts for dinner.  I'm sure that is not okay EVER.  And yesterday, I had 3 glasses of wine (not with muscle relaxants...that was Friday).  I'm sure if I just make a conscious effort to really limit my nuts and wine, during the next 2.5 months of intense marathon training, I should just naturally drop weight.  I'm going to be doing hills and speed work and really, really long runs (up to 32K...YIKES). When I first saw 154.5 on the scale this afternoon, my heart did a little flip flop.  But I knew it was impossible because my clothes still fit me the same.  I'm sure if I did suddenly drop 10+ pounds, I'd feel it.  I think it's a premonition though.  I think the universe telling me that 154 should be my ultimate goal weight.  I can live with 154.  Let's see how long it takes me to get there.

My eats from the past two days.  Nuts for dinner, really?????


  1. Sounds like you've got a good plan -- and way to go on the run distances! I can't even run a mile straight, nor do I think that will ever happen (thanks to my knees) so I live vicariously through those of you with more skillz ;)

  2. I remember reading a post where the lady said she went running when her back was bothering her. I asked her how it worked that she could run when her back was sore, and she said her doctor recommended it and it worked for her. I tried to find the post and even sent her an email asking her to direct me to it but she didn't respond. Anyway, I think it is interesting how our bodies work. :)

  3. Yeah on the barely any back pain! I am glad that it seems to be better and that the toe pain delayed as well. I am sure it was way better to end with it than start with it. Thanks for reminding me to add cabbage to my shopping list. LOL

  4. If your scale has another fluctuation of over ten pounds, it may be time to buy a new scale. You can weigh more and look leaner because your body has more muscle tissue. A sedentary person your height and weight might not look as lean as yourself. Good luck on your 14.2915 mile run - that's awesome!

  5. I agree with Marc on the scale. I had one that was giving me all over the place readings and had to chuck it finally. But our bodies do strange things with weighing so who knows. I am just very happy to hear that your back is feeling better! :)

  6. Hi Leigh! Well, that dip in weight can feed your mind with the right direction you want. However, I agree with you that your fitness is more important than losing weight. Trust me from experience, it is fairly demoralizing to feel weak for exercising from losing weight fast. :D

  7. With all the running you do, I can see how you'd need to keep fueling your body. The good thing is that you're eating really healthy foods so you know you're doing your best to help you reach your desired fitness goals. :)

  8. Hi Leigh I really really admire the way you push yourself..its amazing. I'm glad you are not just reducing your food intake and keeping in mind your marathon training, though I am not training for a marathon my usual workouts were becoming more intense and I actually had to increase my food intake, I was worried in the beginning but surprisingly I lost inches :)and I have a lot more energy to push myself during my workouts

  9. Oh, your scale would bother me. I'm a "want to know the truth" kind of person. I admire the way you are not so tied into to what the scale says. I think it's much healthier than the way I am--but I would still have to get a new scale (lol). You are such a hard worker and I admire how you keep at it!