Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The post about tough mornings, breakfast foods and the blackout of 2003

My bad pace from this morning.
It's almost time to retire my fav shoes:(
I actually wore a long sleeved running top
this morning.  It was quite cool at 5:30am!

Going back to work has been a bit of an adjustment.  I was pretty spoiled over the past few weeks with sleeping in till 7:30 and running later in the morning.  It was back to the old grind and up at 5 am again this week.  Tuesday's run was brutal because Monday night we had a pretty substantial rainfall that began at midnight and lasted till about 1:30.  I lay in bed and listened to it, unable to sleep.  So Tuesday morning I ran 8K at a pretty slow pace. It was also a fasting workout which meant I didn't eat before hand.  I was just glad when it was done.

This morning's run was a touch better.  I did 6K because I had to be in the city (Toronto) for 9:15 am for my team meeting.  I was up before dawn.  It's still dark at 5 am!  I had to be out the door by 5:30 so I could be back in time to hop in the shower and out my door no later than 7:30.  I made it on time, but failed to have coffee this morning.  I started feeling a headache coming on in late morning, then had to step out just after lunch to grab a coffee from Starbucks.  Miraculously my headache disappeared.  I'm working a bit late tomorrow, then I got a child minder because hubby and I are going to go for a late evening run.  Hill training starts this week and he's never done hills before so I want to do his first set of hill repeats with him.

I'm only back to work for a week, then I'm off for the last two weeks of August.  I'm lucky to have so much vacation time and I must admit that my head is really not back into work right now.  One thing I definitely like about work though is my eating is much more diligent.  There is less snacking and more planned meals because I brought my lunch 3 times this week.  My co-workers will argue that my lunches are boring.  They would consist of a protein, some veggies and a fruit.  And they would normally be in whole form.  What I mean by that is on Monday I had left over souvlaki, an avocado, carrots and an orange.  I meant to make a salad, but got lazy and didn't do it Sunday night.  So I was stuck with a boring 4 ingredient lunch.  It was boring but it filled me up.

One of the most asked questions I get (besides loose skin) is what do I eat for breakfast.  I have eaten the same breakfast for almost two years.  Hard boiled eggs in my car with coffee during my commute in the morning.  So, so boring.  And not something that everyone would have the stomach for.  I do deviated from that breakfast at least once per week.  On the weekend I may make an omelet after my long run, or have left overs from the day before.  I have no problem eating dinner for breakfast.  Lots of people eat breakfast for dinner, I am part of the dinner for breakfast movement!

It was ten years ago today that we had that major blackout in southern Ontario and parts of the US.  I was with my dad when that happened because my mother had just died and I stayed with him for about three weeks after she passed.  I remember being thankful that she passed away the week before.  Not because I wanted her to pass, obviously not, but because she was on oxygen and breathing machines and wanted to stay at home as long as possible.  Even though she did end up dying in the hospital, she was only there for maybe 6 hours before she passed away.  If she was still at home during the black out and not as close to death as she was, she'd have had to go to the hospital much sooner.  Something she definitely didn't want.

It's such a morose time for me right now.  And I tend to hold things inside.  I don't talk to my husband or friends about how I'm feeling, which I'm sure isn't a good thing.  It helps to type stuff out here though.  This is therapeutic for me and so is running.  I also had a good supervision today. My supervisor is an excellent listener, and although we normally talk about my clients during supervision, today we just talked about me for 1.5 hours.  I needed to talk and he listened.

He was my supervisor (but only for a short time ) ten years ago when my mom died and he was super supportive then.  It's strange (or maybe fate) that he became my supervisor again just before my birth mother died in October.  He (again) was a super listener and support through that.  Even though I bitch and moan about my job periodically (read: A LOT), I work with really good people. My current team; my former team.  I've been on my current team for only a year and was on my former team for 11 years before I was moved.  I miss being on that team (I had another great supervisor and team mates), but see them all the time anyway (we're still on the same unit).  And the good thing is that I like the people on my current team as well. Even when I think that my job is sometimes unbearable (due to politics, not my clients), the people I work with make it easier.  That makes all the difference to me.

That's right, I wore a fall outfit
to work today.  It was cold!