Sunday, August 18, 2013

The post where I just post a bunch of pictures from the weekend

Saturday morning run.

So my Saturday morning started out with a 6K run. I was dragging my heals getting out the door yet again, but I managed to finally work my way out by 9:45 am.  As always, once I started running, it was all good. I finished up at a pretty decent pace and felt pretty good afterwards. After my run, I ate, showered and did my hair in a sock bun for the first time EVER.  It was super easy and I think it looked pretty good.

Jules goofing around during morning coffee.
I wore a dress I got from Value Village for $5.99.
The sock bun looked pretty decent for a first attempt.

After lunch yesterday, we headed out to the Cactus Festival.  Julien had fun and we got totally ripped off on the midway.  Over 5 bucks per ride!  Oh well.  Julien had fun so that's all that matters.

There were waaaaay to many bumper cars here for this ride to be effective.  I
think Julien moved 5 feet the entire time.  Can you spot him?
On the ferris wheel.
Being part of the magic show.  He had a scarf pulled out of
his ear.  He claimed it tickled...
Posing with his buddy
Iron Man!

After the cactus festival we returned home and I relaxed with Finn for a bit.  After making dinner, I let my hair down and began the laundry.  I thought my hair looked good after being in the sock bun all day and wished that hubby and I were going on a date instead.

My favorite person in the whole world.

My favorite dog in the whole world.

Getting ready to do laundry.

Last night I started to get anxious about my long run this morning.  I wasn't so anxious about the distance  I was anxious about my toes cramping.  And I wasn't anxious for nothing.  I decided to wear my orthotics and mapped a 10K, 7K and 6K loop around my house.  That way I'd be able to return home to change my shoes if need be.  By 17K I could barely walk.  My orthotics are not working for me.  So frustrating.  I also got a big blister on the end of the second toe of my left foot. And my right glute is sore.  So by the end of my run, I was feeling a bit run down, but I was just glad to be DONE!  I'm already super nervous about next Sunday's 26K.  I don't think I'll wear the orthotics.  My physio therapist is going to assess my running form on Thursday.  Maybe I'll get some answers then.

This is what I fuel up with before a long run.  I do not eat
anything.  Two or three scoops of this is enough.
The deets on the above energy powder.
I also eat energy gummies during the run.
Took me longer than I expected but someone stopped me for directions.  Really?
You don't stop a runner for directions!  And I had to tell her a half a dozen times
how to get out of the Hammer.  The whole time I'm thinking, "this is going to
affect my pace".  Well that and the walking I had to do to work out the cramps
in my toes.
My very sore blister.  Sorry for the close up
of my mangy toes...
My recovery meal after my run.  Left over sausage from yesterday, three
eggs and an vine ripe tomato!

I have been very remiss is mentioning how touched I was from all the comments I've gotten in regards to some of my posts over the past couple of weeks.  It's no secret that I've been feeling a touch melancholy lately.  August is always a tough month for me.  It's my mother's birth and death month.  Although I haven't said it nearly enough, I thank you all for your kind words of support.  It truly does mean a lot to me and now that I'm on vacation for another two weeks, I hope to catch up on some blog reading.  I've been lax in that department as well.  I've been reading as much as I could, but not commenting as much as I'd like.  I'm off to relax and get to bed early tonight.  I'm just tired.  Tomorrow's a rest day.  So aside from some core/physio exercises, I'm just being. G'nite!