Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The post about Mcdonald's fries, my best pace ever and pictures of my beautiful boy

Sweet potato fries at Mcdonald's?

  • Yesterday was a pretty good day for me. I spent the day driving around Scarborough with a client looking for housing. We stopped into Mcdonald's and lo and behold, they had sweet potato fries. Paleoish?  I'm not sure what they deep fried them in, but I'm sure it wasn't anything Paleo acceptable. Meh, I had to try them anyway. They were okay, but I didn't feel great after eating them. Likely the bad oil they used. And if I remember correctly, I never felt good after eating Mcdonald's.
  • I had dinner with my dad yesterday evening. It's become a bit of a routine for us. I swing by every other Monday and we go to Swiss Chalet for rotisserie chicken. And my dad loves his pie. He always has coconut cream pie with coffee after he eats. And he always asks me if I want a piece too. He would be over-joyed if I ever said yes. But we all know that won't happen.
  • Last night I had the pleasure of meeting some awesome ladies at the Dr. Poon support group in Scarborough. I wasn't planning on going until the last minute. I wasn't sure if I'd feel up to it, but I'm glad I made it out. Luana gave me an awesome long hug at the beginning and end of the meeting.  That made me emotional both times. It's been a real long time since I've been held in a tight motherly embrace. Thanks Lu:) xox

My GPS effed up. One day I'll run a 5:45/K pace. One day...

  • This morning I had a decent run. It was dark and +2C when I headed out just before 6am. My GPS messed up big time. According to my running app I ran 9.5K in 55:01. Not bloody likely. That would make my pace 5:45/K. If I shave another 30 seconds per kilometer off that pace, I'll qualify for Boston! Yay me! Yeah, not going to happen. My real stats are below the messed up stat. I really need to shave 1:30 off my kilometer and keep up that pace for 42.2K in order to qualify for Boston. A pipe dream since my feet will never cooperate and let me run a marathon. Ah Morton's Neuroma problems.
  • Remember when I ran two Sundays ago and it was -22C and I ran 21.1K? I got frost bite on the second toe of my right foot and my toe nail has turned blue and I think it's going to eventually fall off. Gross right? BUT, it means I have arrived as a runner. I have never lost a toe nail yet. This is important shit. I will keep you posted and document the journey of my funky toenail. Sorry:(
  • Mother Nature is sticking it to me again. The past couple of days the temperatures have been in the pluses. Tomorrow we are getting 20cm of snow. Thursday morning it's supposed to be -26C for my morning run. And then Friday and Saturday we go into the pluses before the temperatures drop again. With my luck, I'll be running the Bay in a blizzard. There is no rhyme or reason to these erratic weather patterns. Mother Nature is a witch.
  • This Sunday is my last long run before the Bay. Dawn and I are going to tackle 25K and the hilly part of the course again. I'll map out a route using the gmap-pedometer. I used to use it all the time when I was teaching clinics. Speaking of teaching clinics, I'm supposed to be teaching one right now. I wish I was but I know I'm not well enough to inspire anyone to run right now. I can barely inspire myself. I'm hopeful that I'll teach the next round which begin in June.
  • Last night I forgot to take melatonin before bed and I woke up at 3:15am. I stayed in bed till 5am, before finally getting up to make coffee and get ready for my run. I took the melatonin tonight before I started writing this post. I need to get a good sleep tonight. By this afternoon at work it was painful to keep my eyes open. And I wanted to burst into tears several times. I didn't do it, but the feeling was definitely there.
  • I have been neglecting the homework my therapist gave me big time. I haven't taken a selfie (except running ones which aren't too flattering) since last Wednesday. I should be more mindful of the the exercise. I know there's merit to it. I need to respect the process. Perhaps I'll feel up to it tomorrow.
  • This morning I went to the March of Dimes with a client to learn about their employment programs. They have a specialized program for adults with physical and developmental disabilities. I was standing with my client and I hear a woman say, "Ma'am? He's going to stroke your hair". She sounded panicked and when I turned around, I came face to face with Allan. Allan is a non-verbal man of about 45 who was part of the specialized program. He put his hand out and gently stroked my hair while his caretaker apologized profusely. She went to grab his hand and I told her to let him touch me. He wasn't hurting anyone. She backed away and I let Allan have at my hair for the next 5 minutes. She explained to me that he is drawn to anyone with long hair and likes to touch it. He rubbed my hair to his face and said "mmmmmm" when he smelled it. That was the Moroccan Oil. When I had to move on with my client, Allan had the biggest smile on his face. My client leaned into me and said, "Why did you let him touch you?" I just smiled and simply said, "Because it made his day, and mine too."  And it really did. 

Just because. Not a day goes by that I don't think about my beautiful boy:(