Sunday, July 26, 2015

The post about a hardcore run, bum knee and a liar...

  • It's #coffeetime and y'all get my generic "go to" pose. Not feeling adventurous today. That's not completely true. I'm meeting Tanya shortly and we're going to run a trail in the Dundas Valley. That is exciting. I've not run this trail before. She's moved back to the Hammer from Guelph so we're gonna hit the trails now. I may have to invest in some trail shoes. So change of plans for my workout today. I'll have to HIIT it up the mountain tomorrow. Gotta shake my tail. Gotta get my running gear on...

  • Running trails is no joke yo! Ran 6k with this girl. Some of those hills were fecken steep. Lots of rolling hills on this route and lots of tree roots. That's a recipe for disaster. Guess who tripped 3k in and messed up their knee? Yep. That would be me. Sucked it up and ran it off. Think I'll just have a bruise. Oops! I just looked and I have a bloody knee. It will scab. War wounds! This makes me #hardcore. I may not have street cred in Kitchener, but I definitely have trail cred in Dundas mofo! Took our pic in front of a beaver dam. How Canadian of us. And my post run meal? A vegetarian omelet washed down with coffee and lots of h2o.

  • Like having to see me once isn't enough. Now you're subjected to it 2x. I'm nothing but a liar, a cheat and a fraud. That would be white wine I'm drinking. My husband's aunt insisted I take her 3/4 full magnum of Two Oceans. I've had a few sips and although it's not bad, I remember why I don't drink white too often. I've a headache coming on. Serves me right. My only defense is that I had to grocery shop at Walmart this afternoon. I'm not gonna lie. Some substantial shit was lost. 
  • Let's talk about follower accounts on Instagram for a moment. Why the heck would I ever want to buy followers? I don't understand this concept. I guess for some it's a popularity contest. For me this is a way to document my life. A pictorial diary. Of all the followers I have, I only interact with about 50 of you. And I appreciate your friendship and support. To the follower accounts, stop fecken tagging me in your posts. I'm really, really, really not interested. Nor do I want to sell shit. So don't waste your time and leave me alone. I'm only always going to do me...

  • This is how Smitty and I roll on a Saturday night. We lie in bed reading trashy novels. Best night ever. Found the culprit of my headache. My too tight sock bun. Not sure why I'm so bagged. I guess the heat. I think it's going to be an early night. I've lots of training to get through tomorrow. And I need to do it early because it's supposed to be hot. Maybe I'll even make it to yoga at noon if I plan things correctly. But maybe not. Not sure what I'm going to do with the boy. The extreme heat sucks. Makes being outside so unpleasant. Enjoy the rest of your weekend:-)


  1. Tree roots terrify me, especially if I'm hiking on the side of a cliff!!!! Glad you are okay.

    On the IG accounts, I get tagged on them too. Block and report them. IG is very good about removing them.

  2. I love trail running. It's pretty much the only kind of running I do anymore.

  3. Saturday night date?
    Smitty kitty will pencil you in...