Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The post about a hotter than Hades run, sports nutrition and a lost kitty...

  • It's #coffeetime and I'm still drinking coffee at 8am. That means I won't be running till 10:30am. Serves me right for being a procrastinator. I slept in. All this sleep is so foreign to me. I'm used to 5 hours a night. Not the 7 or more I've been getting! Excited for my nutritionist appointment this morning. Not sure what kinda wisdom I'm going to learn but I know I need to switch it up. Your body becomes used to a lifestyle and when that happens it's time to try something different. As much as I love to run, I know that running wasn't working for me like it used to. Regardless of how structured I am with eating, running just wasn't enough anymore. It was great for weight loss, but maintenance is a completely different story. My body got to used to running and I need to work harder to maintain. That's where strength training comes in. So I'm ready to learn about gym nutrition. I'm open to new things. I just won't do breads, pasta, anything with flour. Those are my trigger foods. And I'm trying to stay dairy free. My gut just feels better that way...

  • Not my most flattering photo. But running and climbing stairs during an extreme heat alert is no joke yo! I'm not gonna lie, after climbing the Wentworth stairs once I was gonna call it a day. When I got to the bottom I noticed an older lady with a couple grocery bags getting ready to climb. I had to take a bag and help her out. So I did do the stairs twice. It's fecken hot out there and I'm still light headed. I need food. And water. I'm sure I'm dehydrated. My clothes were soaked when I got home.
  • So this morning's workout was 2.5k run to the stairs. Climbed a total of 1050 steps which is 87.5 flights. And it took me 20 minutes to climb up and down those stairs twice. Strava says I only burned 83 calories doing the stairs. It didn't take into account that they were stairs. My legs were jelly by the time I finished the second set. Then I ran 2.5k home. The second run was more of a shuffle to be honest. My pace went way down. I just remembered something. I hate working out in the extreme heat. Lesson learned to not procrastinate and be lazy in the morning...

  • I know. Such a boring lunch. After I ran through the heat today I just needed food. This is all I had the energy to make. Two cans of tuna, carrots, tomato and almonds. Filled me up tho and I drank a ton of water. I've been fighting a headache all day. I'm sure it's from being dehydrated during my run. I was pretty light headed at times. 
  • I had an appointment with the nutritionist this morning. As I already suspected, I need to eat more frequently (every 3 hours) and I'm going to start eating lactose free dairy. Mostly yogurt. And I'm going to eat complex carbs. Not a lot and nothing that triggers me. I refuse to eat bread, pasta, crackers, stuff like that. But I will eat brown rice, quinoa and bulger. Real boring stuff. Still no refined sugar. But I did agree to some legumes like chickpeas. She's putting together an eating plan for me. And I'll give this a try. My diet is still going to be protein and veggie heavy but I'm throwing a few different things into the mix. 
  • I do agree that I need to change it up a bit. I've been eating the same for years now. My body needs a shock. Looking forward to seeing if this works for me. Not eating frequently enough for my level of activity means my body is holding onto my fat. Eating more will help me lose fat and gain more muscle. The more muscle I gain, the more efficiently my metabolism will work and I'll burn more while my body is in rest...

  • Lying liar who lies sitting right here. Wanna know what's not in my glass? Sparkling water. What is in my glass is white wine. So I guess it's #winetime. I'm so fecken weak. But it's bloody hot and I've drank so much water I need to counter balance it somehow. That's a lame excuse if ever I heard one. I'm also a total domestic goddess. I've prepared 2 meals because I don't expect Julien to eat ground beef and cabbage, I've sorted and started my laundry, and that's all. So maybe domestic goddess is a bit much. But I am hot. Have I mentioned how fecken hot it is? 
  • We got a flyer in our mailbox for a lost cat named Binky. Underneath Binky's picture it says "reward". Julian has now made it his life's work to find Binky. He thinks that if he finds him, he gets to keep him because Julien says Binky is the reward...

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  1. I pray Binky is alright
    one of our kittens
    was murdered on our street
    this month
    poor lil Puddin Head
    one of the neighbors from hell
    or their dog from hell is guilty