Friday, July 17, 2015

The post about what happened yesterday on Instagram and new shoes...

  • It's #coffeetime and today is upper body with Tony. Thank goodness because I'm not gonna lie, my legs were a touch achy all day yesterday. Must have been the HIIT intervals up the escarpment. They feel better this morning but they are definitely tight. Today Tony will have me using the machines and of course he will torture me with core drills on the mat. I'm so bagged lately. Can't stay awake past 10pm and I need an alarm to wake up at 4:30am. My internal clock used to wake me. Not anymore. Strength training is hard work yo! Today I hang out in Toronto with a client before making my way to Cambridge this afternoon. Then I go see my sister. It's Thursday night girl's night...

  • Do I look crazy? Cos I am. Who else would pay for someone to torture them? I'm a crazy masochist. Today I did a really tough circuit:
  • Weighted squats x10 (35# kettlebell)
  • Pushups x10
  • Weighted squats x10
  • Pullups (assisted) x10
  • Weighted squats x10
  • Pull downs (75#) x10
  • Repeated the circuit 3x without a break.
  • That's the most squats and pushups I've ever done at one time. Today Tony told me that he can see definition in my body. Especially my legs. We talked about how much stronger I am now compared to a month ago. He didn't disappoint. I did a core circuit too. My most hated thing to do. I feel deliciously weary. Wish I could nap but I have to work:-(

  • So this happened today. I went to the Running Room Outlet on North Queen Street in Etobicoke and bought 2 pairs of shoes for $96 including tax. I am awesome. I got a pair for running (the Mizuno on the right), and a pair for the gym (the Adidas on the left). The Mizunos cost me $30! And the Adidas $55. The deciding factor was that they were purple. I'm kidding. I've worn the Mizuno Wave Inigmas before and liked them. The Adidas Energy Boost are new to me. But I was looking for something light for the gym. Success!!! On a side note, I can't stop feeling my quads while I'm sitting. My muscle pops. I can totally see how the gym becomes addictive...

  • Sadly, girl's night was canceled today. Something pressing came up that my sister had to attend to. I had to make do with solo #winetime. It's all good. Hoping to get to bed at a decent hour. I should to run tomorrow morning before my massage. And it's one more day before the weekend. Yay! I just noticed the other day that my hair is getting long. I need a trim but think I will grow it past my bosom again. Once I (hopefully) start boxing training this December, I'll have to lose the nails. I've not been without nails for years. It will be strange indeed. But at least I'll have my hair. As we approach December, Tony's going to start focusing more on boxing training with me. And when I get into peak shape, I'm going to have a fitness shoot done. Me with full makeup & hair and boxing gear wearing my 5" stripper heels...

  • Dinner tonight was beef kebabs marinaded in jerk seasoning (Diana's Marinade), with BBQ grilled vegetables. I just cut up the veggies and lightly coat them with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. They get grilled in an aluminum pouch and when done, tossed with balsamic vinegar. Yummy and filling. I've set up nutrition counselling through Warren Shepell. It's done on-line and via phone. But I have asked specifically for someone who specializes in sports nutrition. I need to know what to eat and how often to eat to build muscle. I know I'm not eating correctly for strength training. And I'm definitely not eating enough. Which is counterproductive. I want to lose fat not muscle. I never thought I'd see the day where I say this but sometimes I forget to eat. True story...

Night time cuddles with my guy. He's becoming such a big boy :-)

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