Monday, July 13, 2015

The post about sore muscles, a festival and a feisty kitty...

  • Thank God it's#coffeetime. I need a couple cups in me before I can get moving. Lots of fun was had yesterday but we didn't get home till almost 10pm and Julien and I crashed in my bed while listening to the bands play at Gage Park. It's Your Festival is on right now. We're gonna check it out today. He's just interested in the midway. 
  • I was able to stick to my plan on the most part at yesterday's BBQ. I had a bit of home made Italian wine, some Frangelico, which was unplanned but delicious, and drank so much water had to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes. I ate tons of BBQ chicken breast and tossed salad. I also had fruit. Cherries, watermelon, cantelope, grapes and too many nuts. My sister's mom makes the best pizza. She made 4 party sized pizzas from scratch. They smelled and looked delicious. But I knew I couldn't have just one piece, so I had none. My steadfast rule for all my former binge foods. Just so long as it doesn't enter my mouth, me and all my favorite processed carbs from the past can live in perfect harmony together. We have to. My son is not grain free. Gotta get this java into me. Gotta HIIT it hard this morning and do some ab and leg work. Good times...

  • So this is my current situation. My calves, hammies and quads are tight. HIIT was no joke today yo. Made me appreciate my gym. That is where I will be tomorrow morning at 5am. Gonna hit the gym hard this week. Gonna try for Monday to Friday. This means I'll have to wake up at 4am to get there by 5am M-W-F. Tuesday and Thursday I already meet with my personal trainer at 6am. And I've been talking out of my ass for a month now. Tomorrow I get myself a proper nutrition plan. Calling Warren Sheppell for nutrition counseling. Eating all the protein for lunch. And the photo top left? From yesterday. Could I smile anymore cheesier? Isn't my sister beautiful? 


  • It's just money right? The laughing, smiles and current status as best mother ever makes it worth it. This kid's addicted to rides/amusement parks. I may have to re-mortgage my house to make it through the summer...

  • Today we strictly have sparking #watertime. It's an alcohol and makeup free day. Spent a bit of time at the festival at Gage Park. Went on a few rides with Julien and sent him on a few more. It was all good. I simply had to sell my soul to afford those ride coupons. Totally worth it. He's happy. Not sure if it's just because I find tattoos to be super sexy, but the carnies were hot. Probably just my love for body art. Or maybe it was the bottle of wine I consumed before I left. I joke. It was just a glass. A large glass. Still joking. No wine today for realz:-( I am going to start dinner, the laundry, finish answering my blog emails and get to bed by 9pm. I'm up at 4am to head to the gym...

  • So here's the final scoop for today. Top left corner is Julien's official YouTube profile picture. He's very proud of his newly published channel, and says he'd be the happiest kid on earth if even one person likes his video. He's a natural talking in the camera. But I've no idea what anything he says means. I don't play video games or know anything about Pokemon. 
  • Smitty is still refusing to look at me. She'll sit on me, look really pissed off, but won't look at me. I'll never make the mistake of accidentally leaving her out on the back deck overnight again. I'm lying. It could happen this week. Sometimes she gets out without me knowing. So whose fault is that? Smitty's I believe. 
  • The top right meme cracks me up. That's the dialogue that Baby and I have all day everyday. And bottom right was dinner tonight. Bunless burgers with cucumber and onion salad, made just the way my mom used to. I'm paying for eating that sour cream right now, if you get my drift. Dairy and I don't mix well.
  • In other news, my blister from two weeks ago on the heel of my right foot is still infected. I suppose I should go to the doctor because I may need antibiotics to clear it up. My sister had a bad scratch on her ankle two weeks ago and I convinced her that if she didn't get a tetanus shot she'd die. So I suppose I should get mine checked out because hers is healed and mine it's still a pusy mess...


  1. Can I ask you a question Leigh? What watch do you use to track your runs? I'm trying to do couch to 5K & need a watch that beeps at intervals so I know when to walk & when to run. Thanks for your help.

    1. Hey there, I use Strava to track my runs but use a basic Timex Ironman interval watch when I do HIIT. I got it at Walmart for $45 on sale. Very basic. Make sure the watch does intervals:-)