Sunday, October 4, 2015

The post about a damaging windy night and an early birthday celebration...

  • #Coffeetime always brings a smile to my face. But so does my almost 8 yr old boy telling me the most insufferable knock knock jokes known to mankind. 
  • Don't know what the wind is like where you are, but here in the Hammer it is very windy. The wind woke me up last night. It must have been the giant crack that made a tree limb fall on my next door neighbour's shed. Missed my shed by about ten feet. The worst part about that is it's my tree limb that fell. No damage but a broken wire. But I'm responsible for disposing of that branch. 
  • The wind is supposed to pick up during the day and then finally calm over night. Thank goodness because tomorrow morning I'm meeting Tanya for a hike in the Dundas Valley. She's going to lay off running and become a kick ass hiker. Great choice for Hamilton. We've tons of awesome trails along the escarpment. They go on forever. It will be fun to explore with her. Right now the wind is gusting 75km per hour. Not thinking that I can do much outside right now. It's all good. One more day of rest is awesome for my healing arms. Have a great Saturday everyone:-)

  • Today so far. That's my poor neighbour's shed. My son's friend's father is going to help my husband dismantle the branch tomorrow. He owns a chainsaw. Score! 
  • Today we went to Wacky Wings for my son's birthday celebration with his 2 best friends. I had to take a #WackyWingsBathroomSelfie. Not sure what I was thinking, but I only ordered a garden salad with grilled chicken and no dressing and was starving. Had to eat cold chicken breast out of my fridge upon return home. 
  • They had a blast and are still running a muck in my house. Hence my very early #winetime. Eight year old boys are noisy yo! Sadly, my sister had a family emergency so I'm not going to see her today. Hopefully I'll see her this week. Miss her terribly. 
  • Very important news flash. My arms have not leaked today. I feel like I've finally gotten over a rough patch and I'm truly healing. Was touch and go because I wondered if I'd be able to drive on Monday. I think I'm going to be okay...

  • My current situation: Cat on my lap, my tree limb did not magically disappear from my neighbour's shed like I willed it to all day, and my rec room is truly a wreck because you know, 8 year old boys. 
  • I did not track my food today but I'm positive I ate enough. After my meager lunch, and the cold chicken breast that followed, I ate a dinner of roasted butternut squash, Greek salad and hot Italian sausage. Everything I could make without having to go to the store. Definitely enough calories and plenty of fat:-(
  • Sounds like the wind has finally died down. Tomorrow morning I meet Tanya for a hike in the Dundas Valley. Looking forward to it. I haven't hiked in years. 
  • Included in my picture collage are a couple things I nabbed off Facebook that gave me the chuckles and a tattoo I found and liked. But I'm not thinking the inside of my upper arm to cover my scar, I'm thinking oblique. When I get obliques...