Thursday, October 8, 2015

The post about Tuesday, Wednesday, #coffeetime shame and getting back to the gym...

  • Meanwhile, Tuesday on Instagram...
  • It's Tuesday morning, 5am, which means it's #smoothietime. I'm excited and nervous to see Tony this morning. I'm not gonna get a normal Tony workout, but I might be sore tomorrow. Two weeks ago today is when I had my upper arm lift and outer thigh lipo done. I'm just glad to be going back to the gym. Brings a touch of normalcy back into my crazy life. 
  • I don't often get negative comments on my blog or on my social media in general. And when I get one, I normality ignore it. But last night someone commented quite rudely on a Facebook page that I post my blog to that I should stop posting my coffeetime photos because her son looks at her Facebook with her and it is inappropriate because I'm objectifying women by showing my (fully clothed) chest.
  • Because she left this comment on a weight-loss support group, I'm going to assume she is on her own lifestyle journey. I would think that she would understand that being a formerly morbidly obese person for 35 years of my life where I hid my body means that I am done hiding. I'm certainly not objectifying myself. I am proud of all the work I've put into looking like I do now. My morning coffee photos are far from risque. I'm a pretty modest person. But when I feel beautiful or sexy, my photos may reflect that in a tasteful manner. I've never felt beautiful or sexy before. So I'm going to continue doing my thing.
  • I don't know how old her son is, but how does she take him out in public? Lots of fully clothed chests to see there too. I'm actually not offended at all. She thinks I have a bosom that's attention worthy. Thanks for the compliment:-)

  • Transformation Tuesday. A bride always remembers what she weighed on her wedding day. I actually lost weight during the last two weeks before my wedding. I weighed 283 pounds and my mom had to take my dress in at the last minute. So these pics are taken 13 autums apart. I was a November bride. My weight fluctuated between my wedding weight to over 300 pounds before I took control in the fall of 2011 and finally committed to a permanent lifestyle change. I've not looked back since. It took me 15 months of following Dr. Poon's Metabolic Diet before I reached goal. This December will be my 3rd year maintenance anniversary. And my body is still changing. New fitness goals will make me the fittest I've ever been in my life. Lots to look forward to and be excited about...

  • Let's talk training and eating now. The minute I saw Tony, he wanted to see my butt. He said there was definitely a difference. But even I can tell that. I mistakenly thought that perhaps Tony was going to take it easy on me today. No such luck. He said, and I quote:
"No body ever became a bad ass without working hard at it". 
  • Ah Tony. That's why my work benefits pays you the big bucks. So today's workout was as follows:
  • 20 mins elliptical✔
  • Walking lunges w 2x25# dumbbells x4 sets✔
  • Trap bar squats x 95# 10 rep x 3 sets✔
  • Heel taps w 2x25# dumbbells x 4 sets✔
  • Farmers walks w 2x35# kettlebells x4 sets✔
  • Back extensions 15 reps x 4 sets✔
  • I was dripping with sweat. No joke. Today was the first time I used the trap bar and Tony was super excited that I could do them. The trap bar is the top pic. Just to be clear, that's not me. He said that it will now be a regular part of my routine. Not sure if I liked using it or not. Not gonna lie. It made me feel a touch hardcore. I wanted to just drop the bar at the end like the big guys do but he made me squat down with it and said I'd have to do an extra one if I wanted to do that. 
  • It was great being back at the gym today and I got a warm welcome from the fellas and the gal. Thursday is going to be mostly core and some legs. I can't wait:-( Today's eating? Not good. I did not eat nearly enough. I've over 1000 calories to consume yet and I'm heading to bed. I will eat better tomorrow. Night all. I'm beat and my bum aches...

  • Meanwhile, Wednesday on Instagram...
  • It's #coffeetime and not sure why I'm smiling. I'm so stiff this morning. My legs feel like lead. Thank you Tony. The best news is I'm driving to Toronto for a meeting, then heading to Listowel for a late afternoon meeting, then heading to Brantford to see my sister. So lots and lots of time in my car today:-( Full opportunity to get even more stiff. The bright side is I get to see my sister. I've not seen her for a long time due to surgery & family emergencies (her). Need to see her. Texting is not the same. 
  • Today I rest, tomorrow I'm back to the gym. Gonna give myself a couple weeks of scaled back training days. I'll do the gym 2x per week and run 2x per week. Since I couldn't run right now even if a possum was within a foot of me, I will do nothing. And just for the record, possums are one of the scariest things in my life...

  • It's a #sunroofselfie kinda day because the sun is finally out! Beautiful day for a drive in Mennonite country. My bum is so sore and my legs stiff. Should be an interesting training day tomorrow. Not much going on today except work and driving. That's driving for work. By the time I get home tonight I would have been in my car for 8 hours. Something I've noticed this week since I've been wearing my jeans. They all fit differently in the bum after having the liposuction. My skinny jeans that I wore yesterday were loose in my hips and butt. But tight in my calves and quads. That's runner probs right there. Skinny jeans may be a pipe dream for me, especially since my legs just keep getting bigger...

  • #Winetime sister's edition. Spending the evening in Brantford with my sister and step-niece. Planned a girls road trip to our nation's capital for the beginning of December. My step-niece wants to check out Carlton University for next September. It will be a fun time sight seeing and full of laughs and car singing. Bring it on! Haven't been to Ottawa in many, many years. Today I've not tracked anything that has gone into my mouth. And I'm letting it go. I've eaten salt and vinegar chips though:-( Haven't eaten chips in years. And I'm not gonna lie. It was meh. I'm such a bad girl. For realz. Tomorrow I train and eat all the protein...


  1. Wow. Why is she letting her son peruse her fb page anyway? Dumb. Congrats on getting back to the gym and doing a great workout!

  2. I think of your coffee time and chest shots as being a signature photo for your blog. Stylish and uniquely yours, 'good on you' for not changing.

  3. Too bad for her! I personally LOVE your #coffeetime, #winetime, and whatever other motivational photos you post.

    How does your husband respond to your journey? Was he supportive of your "new way of life?"

  4. Looking good as always! Ha, I'd never let my son look through my fb page. Too much is personal and he's just a kid! has your husband responded to your transformation and quest for good health? Has he been supportive of your journey? I find that is a very hard hill to climb.

    Thanks for your inspiration as always.