Thursday, April 25, 2013

The post where I don't have too much to say...

The last two days have been pretty dull. Other than my two clinic runs (which I enjoyed immensely), life has been pretty mundane.  I was at a symposium for work the past two days, and even though it was nice to get out of the office and away from clients for a bit, I'm glad to be back to "normal" tomorrow.  I have three appointments tomorrow that all have to do with running maintenance.  I have a sports massage first thing in the morning, then right after that, I'm off to get fitted for my orthotics, then it's off to the office for a half day before I head back home for my physio appointment in the evening. I'm actually glad tomorrow's a rest day. I haven't had one of those since last Friday.

The cost for the symposium included breakfast and lunch both days.  I made sure I was prepared from the get go.  I ate breakfast before I got there which was a real good idea.  I assumed they would at least have some fruit for breakfast, but it was all pastries.  Three long tables full of pastries.  And barrels full of juice.  Nothing I could eat.  But it was all good.  I wasn't hungry because I ate prior to my arrival.  I had no idea what the meals would be.  They asked if there were any dietary restrictions and I said I was dairy, grain and sugar free.  Me and about 50 other people got nutritional accommodations.  They made us dairy and gluten free meat and veggies and salad.

There were three of these tables set up.   Two years ago I
would have eaten a few of these with a few juices!  And I
would have gone through the Tim Horton's drive through
for a breakfast sandwich prior to my arrival!

It was Mexican the first day and we got chicken strips with peppers, salad and fruit.  Everyone else got fajitas and lots of creamy salads and rice, peas, corn, tortilla chips and all the toppings.  One of my co-workers kept apologizing to me, which I didn't get.  For some reason, she thought I was upset because I couldn't eat what they were eating.  I told her I could eat what they were eating.  I can actually eat whatever I want.  I just choose not to.  It wasn't part of my clean eating plan, and I knew just by looking at the food, that it would upset my stomach terribly.  So not worth it!  People think that I'm denying myself food I really want.  I honestly didn't want that food.  I brought a Paleo lunch just in case there was nothing for me to eat.  I ate my lunch after my clinic run for dinner.

Yesterday's lunch.  I took the wrong salad, but dutifully picked
out the feta cheese...

Today I got salad, roast beef, chicken and grilled veggies.  All gluten and dairy free again.  Not too shabby since I ate my fill and was quite satisfied.  I still brought a lunch (just in case) and ate it before my clinic tonight since my clinic started at 7:15 pm.  I must have drank an ocean of water over the past couple of days.   I spent a lot of time in the bathroom.  I honestly don't think I can drink too much water.  I sweat it all out when I run.  And I run a lot!  This week will have me clocking 50K by the time everything is said and done.

My clinic is going well.  The last couple of runs have been rainy, so attendance hasn't been too great.  Looks like we'll  have to give the old "We are runners. And runners run in all kinds of weather" speech.  If I haven't mentioned it before, which I know I have, I run with a great group of people!  They are at different paces, but Monica and I are committed to helping one and all reach their running goals.  Who knows, maybe some will be in my next half marathon/marathon clinic at the end of June.  It may sound like a lofty goal now, but you can never aim too high!