Friday, May 10, 2013

How did you become unfat?

My Mother's Day shell necklace!!!!

This is the question Julien asked me a few nights ago while we were laying in bed reading Captain Underpants.  He doesn't remember me morbidly obese.  The only way he knows I used to be fat is through pictures.  The first time he saw a picture of me morbidly obese was last summer.  He asked me who the big lady was and when I told him it was me, he looked confused and a little upset.  Then he denied it was me.  So now, every once in a while, he'll talk about when I was fat. He asks how I got fat, and most recently, how I got unfat.  I told him I ate healthy foods and exercised so I wouldn't be fat anymore.  Now he asks me constantly if what he's eating is healthy or not.

He told me he has a school friend who will never win a race because he is too fat.  I told him to not call his friend fat and he asked me if it was a bad word.  I said it wasn't a bad word unless you call someone fat, then it's not nice.  I'm not gonna lie.  I wish my five-year-old wasn't commenting on "fat" people and worried about what he's eating.  He's a healthy, active boy who is begging me to teach him how to run.  He thinks that if I teach him how to run, he'll never be fat.  I've been putting him off but may just give in.  We asked him if he wanted to play soccer, he said he wanted to run. I was concerned about his age and starting him too young, but what's the difference between running or learning to play soccer?  Both are active sports, and he could get injured doing both. And I wouldn't let him run very long distances (2-3K at the most).  In the races that families can enter, I see lots of young kids running 5K.  Most races also have kid fun runs that are 1-2K long. Honestly, he probably runs a few kilometers in the playground everyday with the amount of tag he plays!

He's excited to see me run a race this weekend.  I'm running the Chocolate Race in Port Dalhousie on Mother's day.  It's a 5K.  The last timed 5K I did was August 2012.  My time was 36:09.  I ran the Chocolate Race last year.  It was on April 29th and was my first 5K.  My chip time was 43:49. My goal this time around is to run as hard as I can and see if I can do a sub 30 minute 5K. Fingers and crampy toes crossed!  Afterwards, we're going out for lunch!  Great way to spend Mother's Day.  With my two guys, at a race!  My idea of heaven!

So my hubby has been faithfully following Paleo for a couple of solid weeks now.  I went through our fridge and pantry two weekends ago and got rid of all non-Paleo foods (that weren't for Julien). Hubby was finding too much temptation in the house and honestly, if we're gonna do it, lets do it already!  We got rid of all processed carbs (including his snack foods), dairy (cheese and sour cream, mayonnaise), and anything else processed (ie: refined sugar, sweeteners .  I threw out quite a bit of food.  Some of it never opened (which I donated).  So his perseverance has paid off. He's down almost 10 pounds!  Now he's pumped.  He's off carbs and sugar and his cravings have gone away.  He's in the zone and feeling and looking great!  I feel great too.  Although my weight hasn't changed at all, I'm getting leaner.  I've taken four sets of belly pics over a six month period. My weight has barely changed, but the pictures show quite a bit of change.  Check them out here to see the differences.  Even if I can't measure my success on the scale, I have definitely gotten leaner!

Today was the junior and senior kindergarten Mother's Day tea.  I got treated to 3 Mother's Day songs (all sung off key), an awesome painting, a letter and a beautiful shell necklace.  I was spoiled!  Julien was so proud that I was there and introduced me to all of his school friends who told me about their latest video game conquests.  I love the "All about my mom" letter.  I'm 16 and weigh a mere 80 pounds!  I love how he said my favorite food was "...I'll go with chicken"!  So funny, and true!  The picture with his hand prints is so "you will always remember when I was little after I'm all growed up!"  I'm not gonna lie, I cried a couple times this afternoon.  Makes all my hard work totally worth it!  Everyday that I see my son happy and healthy reconfirms in my mind that nothing tastes as good as enjoying my son's childhood.  I promise him and myself that I will never be obese again.  And I always keep my promises.

My beautiful picture and shell necklace.
My  Mother's Day letter.


  1. Awe what a great post! Your Mother's day weekend sounds like it has already started and it is going to be fabulous! I absolutely love the pictures! That's so neat that your son wants to run with you! Have a good race this weekend! Happy Mother's day!

  2. That's the best part of being a mum... I love the little gifts and notes children give you.

    That is good news too about your husband as it is so much easier to live a lifestyle when your partner is doing it too.

  3. Kids give us so much joy! Let him let you be his hero.

  4. The Mother's Day letter is so sweet! It's great that your husband is doing well on Paleo. I wish my husband was interested in it. I am starting tomorrow but he will not. It will make things interesting for sure.

    Have a great Mother's Day!

  5. Great Post - Healthy moms raise healthy kids!

  6. Aw.....that Mother's Day loot is so cute!! I had tea with the kids yesterday and I was also tearing up a few times. You are right, days like this make the hard work all worh it!

    My kids are playing soccer right now and having fun. I'm loving that they are running around burning energy. It's really sweet that Julien wants to learn to run like his mama :) Goes to show what a great example you are setting. The one thing about little kids and activity is that they won't push themselves beyond their limit. When they get tired, they will stop. At some point at every soccer game, Ryan literally plops on the field and starts picking grass. Makes me proud :) LOL. Sign him up for a fun run at one of your races. He will love it and it will be an awesome family memory.

  7. Beautiful! brought tears to my eyes :) Another GREAT post Leigh!!! You are raising yourself a fine young man there :)

  8. Hi Leigh! Well, I understand your son's confusion. I'm confused about my own overweight photos. How was I that person?!

    Happy Mother's Day!

    :-) Marion

  9. Your son is adorable!! I wouldn't worry too much about him worrying about being fat as long as you have show him you have a good, healthy relationship with food and exercise- he will follow your example. And who knows, maybe he'll be a track star in high school!!

  10. Johnny did the same thing for me...I cried like a baby over what he wrote...We are so lucky to have such awesome boys!

  11. Your mother's day presents are so precious!
    I think it's great that your son is curious about running and about how you have achieved what you have. I'm sure your conversations with him are what will help him strike a good balance of exercise for fun and fitness without going overboard.

  12. If he has an interest in running, I say let him run. Ease him into it and I think it's a great habit to get into young.

  13. I loved reading this (and I've loved reading about you in your blog - what an incredible journey - thank you for sharing so much.)

    If you start running with your son, I'd love to hear detail about what/how you do it. I want to start running with my 10 year old in the Fall, to help him prepare for fitness testing. I homeschool him, so I do his P.E. He is quite thin, but he has some coordination challenges due to his hips turning in, so he has never been very fast or great at sports. That should make us good partners, because I'm currently obese and out of shape. ;-D I don't have any great ideas right now, other than the C25K, but I planned to do a little research this summer. I'll blog about it too, if we do it together. :-)