Thursday, May 23, 2013

The post about a grumpy mood, calories in, high heels and Marvin Gaye

Some inspiration...sorry for the profanity!

I'm in a bit of a mood today and I think I can solely blame it on the weather.  When I left my house this morning it was warm and sunny.  By the time I ran with my clinic tonight, it was freaking cold, raining and grey.  So I am feeling grouchy as you may be able to tell by the tone of this post.  I wasn't even going to post because I don't think I have anything helpful or inspirational to say.  I think I'm in a writing funk.  I mean, my life is pretty dull and boring, and the fact that I have 260+ followers amazes me because I'm really not that interesting.

Anywho, here are the deets from the past couple of days.  Yesterday we had a practice run and we did hill repeats.  I effing forgot how much I hate doing hill repeats.  We only did 3 x 500m hills, but I was sweating down my arms by the time we were done.  And my quads, which were feeling pretty normal prior to my run, were on fire again.  They're fine today, but last night I could definitely feel the burn.

I consumed three of these babies today.  Great with coffee and
totally Paleo.  The only ingredients are dates and almonds.

Yesterday someone asked me how many calories I consume in a day and I honestly couldn't answer.  I know that there are some days where it seems that I eat non stop, and other days where I just eat normal.  I just listen to my body and eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full.  I was feeling hungry today and I did eat quite a bit.  So I logged my calories today, something I have not done once since I started losing weight.  I ate around 2700 calories today, give or take.  The majority of those calories came from protein.  I was really craving protein today.

Since today was a late clinic night, I had a half roasted chicken in the afternoon and I just finished eating 5 chicken thighs.  I also had hard boiled eggs, and of course nuts.  The nuts are edging their way back into my life.  Although I seem to be doing okay weight wise with them, they cause me to obsess a bit, something I dislike.  I don't like feeling out of control with my eating, and if anything could send me there, it would be the nuts.  I'm going on a nut hiatus after my half marathon next weekend.  Nuts and fruit.  Just for a few weeks, so I can feel like I'm in complete control again.

I am getting a pedicure tomorrow.

Today I walked around all day in high heels.  Something I would not have been able to do for even an hour when I was 300 pounds.  I remember wearing heels for my wedding and my feet hurt so much that they were numb for many days following the wedding.  Today I wore 3 inch heels from the time I left my house at 7:45 am until I took them off at the Running Room at 6:30pm to change into my running gear.  My feet were fine, and I ran 6K at 7:45, no problem.  Since my feet are big and wide, wearing heels makes me feel girly.  Definitely a plus to losing 125 pounds.

Tomorrow I have a follow up appointment for my orthotics.  I haven't been wearing them because when I do, I get a sharp pain in my right ankle.  I think they need an adjustment.  Also, when I did wear them for a long run, my toes still cramped.  So the adjustment will take another 2 weeks. Then I'll have to ease into them again (and I should do it properly this time) which is another 3 weeks.  This means I won't likely be running in them full time for 5 more weeks.  Sigh.  I'll have to run my half marathon with crampy toes.  I'm gonna still try for the sub 2:15 half, crampy toes and all.  The only good thing is that when I start marathon training at the end of June, my foot issues should be rectified by then.  Fingers crossed.

Well blogging has lifted my mood a bit.  See, now that's some cheap therapy!  I'm off to read my latest novel of trash.  I read so much clinical shit for work that I need a solid outlet, and trashy romance is it.  The trashier the better.  Don't judge me, it keeps me sane.  And I'm pretty sure tonight is going to be the night that Tessa and Luke are going to get it on.  Cue the Marvin Gaye music.

Some more inspiration since I'm not feeling it right now.