Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The post about students; past and present

This could be a very short post as I don't think I have anything too interesting to talk about.  Or not. I could get into a groove and just ramble.  Like I'm doing right now. Thanks to all who left lovely comments in regards to my not so lovely feet.  Who knew that so many of you liked feet?  Let me tell you though, that photo does not do them justice.  The toes are curled and there are some prime callouses forming.  You may or may not know this about me.  I hate feet.  I think they're the ugliest part of the human body.  Just my opinion though!

So I took two rest days in a row again.  And even though I feel like a total slug, I decided to follow my taper week schedule so I could be in my best form for my half marathon on Sunday.  I am currently ache and pain free!  I run tomorrow evening with my clinic (4 hill repeats), and Thursday evening as well (6+K).  Then I do a quick 5K on Saturday before heading to Niagara Falls and running my half marathon on Sunday morning.  Start time is 8am.  I'll have to get there by around 6:30ish to pick up my race kit which means I should be out of my house by 5:45ish.  They only give the kits out on race day until 7am.  Looks like I'm doing this race totally solo.  I know there are a bunch of women heading out from the Running Room, but they've made their own arrangements.  I'm not dragging hubby and Jules out that early in the morning either.  It's all good. I'll pick up my big girl running capris and do my first solo race! I'll likely see people I know once I get there.

I started working with a new college student today.  One of the perks of my job is that I get to supervise students who are completing a practicum.  We headed out to Peterborough for my last meeting out that way ever. I have my medal from the Around The Bay Relay that I did with hubby hanging from my rear view mirror.  So my student started asking me about running.  She was already intrigued because her sister is a runner.  And talking about running always leads to the question of how and why I started running, which in turn leads to my entire weight-loss story.  She was so inspired to run when I finished that she wants to check out the Running Room in her area. The funny thing was that while I was talking to her my phone dinged and I got a text from my student from last summer.  I encouraged her to start running and she still runs today.  I hadn't heard from her in a while and she texted:

Hi Leigh, I just came in from a run and thought of you so I checked your blog to see how you were doing.  You look freaking Fabulous and are still an inspiration.  Hope that's a good pick me up for you today:)

Thanks Leah!  It really was a great pick me up on such a gloomy day.  The funnier thing is that just before I go your text, I was talking about you and telling my new student about how you got into running with encouragement from me.  I'm really glad to hear that you're still running.  Maybe we'll do a race together someday?

I get told I'm an inspiration all the time.  That's a serious undertaking, being an inspiration.  It's something that I still can't believe people see me as but I am truly honored.  It means a lot to inspire others and also helps keep me on track.  I still struggle A LOT.  Maintenance is hard work but it's definitely worth it and it's working out well for me right now.  I think I've found a comfortable balance in my life.  I just need to stick with it.  That's why I make goals for myself.  After my half marathon on Sunday, I get a few weeks running hiatus (which still means I run 5x per week) before I start training for a full marathon.  I'm scared and excited at the same time.  I'm determined to continue doing my best for me, my son, my family and friends and my readers.  What has kept me on track is not just my own drive to get healthy, but also putting myself out there by blogging and not wanting to let others down.

I didn't want to be another statistic of weigh-loss failure.  I don't mind being a statistic, just so long as I'm a successful statistic.  I'm still learning about myself everyday.  I'm certainly no expert about health and fitness.  I just know what has worked for me.  I can offer you encouragement and give you a kick when you need it.  And I welcome your concern and tough love when I need it in return. The one thing that I have found invaluable during this journey is the support and encouragement I have received from everyone in my life.  By everyone I mean my family, friends, co-workers and of course everyone who reads and comments on this blog.  I think that one of the best tools I used for weight-loss was definitely starting a blog.  I highly recommend it.  It helped me change my life!

Totally unrelated to the post, but this was my dinner.  Left over
roast and whipped cauliflower with avocado and garlic.  Who
knew it would be so yummy?  Hubby loved it!