Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The post about my new kicks, my healing blister and my belly

I missed run club tonight!  This was a first for me.  I'm a slacker!  I gave myself 2 hours and fifteen minutes to drive from Toronto to Hamilton and I didn't make it.  Thank goodness Monica was there to lead the run.  So today became my impromptu rest day.  No matter.  I will run on Friday to make it up.  I was able to duck into the running room to buy some new kick ass shoes.  My Saucony Ride 5s are dead.  I've clocked over 800 kilometers in them and they are due for retirement.  My new kicks?  Mizuno Wave Enigmas.  I've not purchased Mizunos before, but I liked the way they felt on my feet and they don't look too shabby either.  They are men's shoes of course.  No pretty girly shoes for these massively wide boats!

For the first few days after I got my blister during my long run on Satuday, my foot felt like crap. The blister popped on Sunday and the skin was accidentally ripped off when I put a blister band aid on it so I could run on Sunday morning.  So it was exposed and raw.  It's just starting to feel normal now.  It doesn't look good, but it doesn't hurt anymore.  I used to have pretty feet once upon a time.  They were pretty, but fat.  Now they're bony and messed up from running.  Hammertoes are not an attractive look!

A blurry pic of my raw blister.  It's getting better!

The Paleo lifestyle is going great!  I feel like I'm in my comfort zone for sure.  It's fool proof and easy to follow.  And I have to admit, I feel better overall.  I'm never hungry, I'm regular (if you get my drift), I have tons of energy.  I don't have to over think meals too much.  I just eat veggies, fruits, meat, fish, nuts and eggs.  May be boring to some but I don't care.  Since I only eat for fuel, the goal is to eat so I can run and function, nothing more.  Eating too many nuts can still be a problem for me.  I need to keep them limited.  As well as dates and figs.  They are so sweet and remind me of candy.  I like to treat myself to some dates with a cup of coffee.  That's become my breakfast ritual in the car.  Two hard boiled eggs, a few dates and a cup of coffee during my morning commute.  Something for me to look forward to for sure.

My lunch from yesterday and today.  This is what I was able to
hunt and gather from my kitchen.  Just in case you're wondering,
that's left over roast beef from Sunday.

My weight has not budged during the past week.  I'm still holding strong at 167.  I'm not too concerned.  My body continues to change slowly but surely.  I took some new belly pics tonight. And even though the differences in the past two months are not dramatic, I think I can still see some progress.  (An interesting side note, my weight has not notably changed from March 5th to May 8th).  Clothes are fitting me better.  I'm comfortably fitting into any size 7/8, and even squeezed on a pair of size 6 capris.  Those may take another couple of months before they actually fit me properly, but it's something to look forward to.  I am in a place right now size wise, that I never dreamed I would be.  If my size never changes again, I'll be a happy camper.  In the meantime, I'll just keep doing what I'm doing!

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