Sunday, May 26, 2013

The post about fat feet, bony feet, Nonnu and marathon training

Friday was supposed to be my regular rest day.  But I ran.  Why?  I'll tell you why.  I'm struggling with my eating and exercise balance.  My convoluted mind thinks that if I take two rest days in a row during the week, that I will gain a ton of weight.  Therefore, I must exert myself regardless of whether or  not I'm on my taper week for my half marathon.  Crazy much?  Yes I am.  I went so far as to wear "fat pants" (size 9 skinny jeans) to work on Thursday without a belt because I was sure they would never fall down because I had put on so much weight during the beginning of the week when I took two rest days.  I spent the entire day pulling them up.

First thing Friday morning I had an orthotics appointment.  I obviously know nothing about how orthotics work.  I figured that they would have to be altered (which they did) and that would set me back weeks.  Turns out they alter them while you wait.  I left the appointment with my altered orthotics and my right ankle pain cured.  I wore them during my Saturday run and my Sunday run (9K) and have had no issues with the ankle pain again.  I worked at home on Friday and saw a client in Hamilton so I was able to get a much needed pedicure fitted in.  I've mentioned this before, but my feet have taken quite the beating from the running.  They used to be fat and pretty.  Now they're bony and ugly!  Oh well.  Still not gonna make me stop running.

May 2011

May 2013

I also tracked my caloric intake for the first time in 20 months to find that I probably eat on average 2500 - 2700 calories per day.  Now granted those are calories from mostly protein and some fruits, veggies and nuts thrown in for good measure.  I can guarantee you that if I ate 2700 calories a day of junk, I'd most definitely gain weight.  But I don't.  I eat whole foods and for me, that works so that I can always eat until I am full.  Hence the high caloric intake.  This may not work for everyone, but it works for me.  Lean protein, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables and raw nuts are what my body craves.

Yesterday was my tapered long run of 6K.  It was strange to run such a short distance.  I had a good run though.  There was a Boy Scouts parade in downtown Hamilton and Main Street was closed off.  I ran right down the middle of a five lane road with people lined on both sides of the street.  It was like running a race against myself.  Everyone was cheering me on and I was just doing my thang!  Very cool.  I ran along the street just before the parade started.  The stretch I ran traffic free was about 1.5K and about .5K in a young man joined me.  I knew he wasn't a serious runner from his clothing (cotton sweat pants and hoodie).  Cotton is rotten and he was way over dressed.

Anyway, he tried his darnedest to keep up with me.  When we finally had to stop because traffic started again, I looked at him and said, "Buddy you need to slow down.  You're running way too fast"!  He replied in VERY labored breathing "I'm good".  He was not.  He sounded like he was gonna have a heart attack!  I know he felt that he needed to keep up with me because I was a chick and he couldn't have a chick beating him.  We only ran together about a kilometer and I took pity on him about .5K in and slowed down.  I was seriously concerned he was gonna keel over and expire!  Luckily that didn't happen and I turned onto a side street to relieve him of his misery.  I'm considerate like that.

Julien and his Nonnu.

After my morning run, I cleaned myself up and ate, then we headed to my in-law's house for my father-in-law's 83rd birthday.  I have fabulous in-laws.  Love them to bits.  They love their grandchildren like nobody's business.  Julien is lucky to have them in his life.  Lately he's been asking me a lot of questions about who my mother was.  It's hard to explain death to a five year old.  I tell him she was very sick and died, and I can see the worry in his face when one of us gets sick.  He's scared we're gonna die. Just last week he asked if the cat Baby was gonna live forever. She's 10.  Most definitely not!  But how do I tell him that?

This morning I ran with my 10K clinic.  We ran 9K along the Hamilton/Brantford Rail Trail.  It was such a beautiful morning for a run and I had a great run with my clinic.  I have a clinic participant that I run with who lost over a hundred pounds.  She has numerous health issues and the odds were stacked against her in regards to losing weight due to her health issues.  Six years later and she is at goal.  Now I completely admire her drive and determination.  She is on a strict vegan/raw food diet and says she will follow this way of eating for the rest of her life.  She knew what she had to do and gotter done.  Regardless of how long it took her and the obstacles that stood in her way, she never gave up.  She is truly inspirational.

Anyone who says that they cannot lose weight because of certain barriers just isn't ready to commit to the changes they need to make.  And I respect that.  I'm not here to preach to anyone about how to live their life.  I can only tell you what has worked for me.  Granted there are serious health issues that make it very difficult to lose weight, but I see these people posting on Dr. Poon's support group page via Facebook daily and regardless of how slow or how difficult the journey is, they continue to change their health for the better.  If  you want something badly enough, you will do whatever it takes to reach your goal.

My goal of running a full marathon is under way.  I run my second half marathon one week from today.  I'm excited and just a little anxious.  I'm hopeful that my orthotics will work out.  I'd love to run a long distance pain free just once!  And if I get to run it once pain free, I'm sure that I will be running pain free from now on.  I spent the afternoon planning out my training for my full marathon. Training begins June 30th.  Hubby begins training for his half marathon the same week.  It's a lot of work, but it will be totally worth it in the end. I can't wait until I can call myself a marathoner!

My fridge calendar.  Hubby's yellow, I'm blue!


  1. My brain just cannot accept someone running that many miles and enjoying it?? (yes I know you do- hubby is a runner)

  2. Hi Leigh! You're bottom photo of your feet are just skinny woman feet, with no pudge on them. They look very similar to my feet, btw. My feet were the first thing to go skinny, then my fingers. But, boy, does the mid-life waistline ever cling fiercely. :D

    :-) Marion

  3. First of all your feet don't look "bony and ugly". They look less pudgy (probably the same thinking you have about having to wear fat pants after not running for two days).

    I can so relate to that in that if I have a bad day of bingeing I will wear my fat clothes for a week because I feel so fat even though I work out a lot and mostly eat very carefully and am actually thin. The mind is such a monkey.

    I can also relate to less fit guys trying to keep up with women. When at the gym some guys next to me on the treadmill really struggle and their breathing is laboured while I'm breathing quite calmly into an hour's workout. Unlike you, however, I don't mind them suffering as I think penis-driven feelings of superiority deserve a hard time.

    By the way your son looks and seems like such a sweet human being!

  4. That's fantastic that you can eat that many calories and still lose as much weight as you have! I have wondered how many calories Paleo type programs incorporate daily

  5. I urge you to take a rest day. Cortisol levels go down, muscles need to rebuild, body and mind repair. You can work through the fear of re-gain and I find that I can and do adjust my eating downwards , naturally on lower activity days. I know it's hard to imagine, but the weight will not come flying back ( I had the same fear).

    The weight will come flying back with a return to old habits , stinking thinking, and injury without lowering your calorie intake. Consider over all body inflammation and cortisol levels. Rest doesn't mean sit still. Gental walking, playing in the yard with your cute son, etc.

    Is there a sport psychologist in any of your running groups? Might be worth a chat with that person.

    Ps I agree with Marion, your feet are normal weight person feet. My feet and hands look boney.

  6. I only just started following your blog and am so inspired by all you done as I am just kind of getting started myself. I understand about worrying about taking a rest day as I have been forced by my Doctor to do that for a while and quite frankly, it's bugging me but gentle walking is where it's at now. Your son is so adorable! On the feet, what I notice most (ok other than your feet now are thinner - but that is not a bad thing!) is that you probably got more sun on them in 2011 and now we haven't had it much this year so far (except this past weekend) - I know as I believe I live not far from you - in Brampton.

  7. You and your feet are beautiful!! You are such an inspiration and should never forget that!

  8. Hi days are so important but I also understand getting scared of putting on weight as soon you miss a workout or eat a little more than planned, I do that still and I get so tired...I'm trying my best to stop myself from working out on my rest days, I love reading about your run, always helps me with mine (though mine are much shorter, I keep telling myself one day I will be where you are..)

  9. Happy birthday to your FIL! What a wonderful, wonderful gift you have to have him in your life. I say that because I work at a retirement community and not many men make it to 83. He's a trooper, he is! I love that he's smiling, too. Oh! HAPPY!

    "My convoluted mind thinks that if I take two rest days in a row during the week, that I will gain a ton of weight." MAN!!! Can I sympathize with that. I feel like a fat pig on days that I rest. Then, I have battle with myself and either have a really difficult time getting motivated to actually exercise again OR I push it too far. Our minds are our biggest challenge in this whole staying fit stuff.

    As for your feet, they're beautiful. I love them. I'm jealous of them. If I were you, I'd be happy that they 1.) get your body fit and keep it healthy and that 2.) they look so slender and lean. YO! How do you not stare at them all the time with those lovely bones sticking gorgeous, graceful and wonderful and skinny?!

  10. your feet crack me up....but in a good way..they show the journey you have gone how real you are in your food and journey!

  11. I think your feet look just fine, and are no longer pudgy, because you are not longer pudgy. Lucky child to have grandparents who love him so much. Every time I look at your photo on the side bar, I am amazed!