Sunday, June 16, 2013

The post about being completely BAD ASS!!!!!

Today was a VERY wet morning.  I ran 10.5K (11 for me because I have to run between group participants  since everyone runs at different paces) with my 10K clinic.  It was raining pretty heavy when we headed out of the Running Room.  We ran a trail that is new to me.  It was a tricky run because not only was it pouring at the beginning of the run, but we had to run up a pretty huge hill about 2K into the run.  Then it was muddy along the trail and even though it wasn't as pronounced as that first hill, we were running up hill for about 6K.  Five women from my clinic showed up and I instantly labeled them as completely BAD ASS because regardless of the conditions, they got their hineys out of bed and gotter done!

I was feeling a touch fatigued from my long run the day before.  When I was planning my Saturday morning run, I committed to running 16K up the escarpment and back down.  The commitment was made to myself, but once I say I'm gonna do a running distance, I do it.  I honestly didn't feel like running the whole 16K yesterday morning, but I had to because the distance and route was already determined.  And once I'm actually running, I'm good.  Getting out the door is half the battle.  Considering that I had already run up the escarpment the day before, I think I had a pretty decent run this morning.

Two of my clinic girls.  Caitlin (l) and Jen (m).  We are soaked from the rain,
and I have a big head!

The route we ran today was really beautiful.  I'm looking forward to running it again when it's not so wet out. After running up the escarpment, we got to run down it.  That was tricky and there was a lot of walking involved due to the uneven terrain.  Lots of rocks to be mindful of.  It was quite an adventure for me because I only had a map that I attempted to memorize to lead the way.  I had no idea where I was going.  Luckily we were in pairs so no one had to run alone.  It made me nervous to think that one of us could be left alone on the trail.  You never know who or what is lurking in the woods.

Me looking back as I'm heading down the trail.  That's
Alana following me.  See all those rocks?

By the time I got back to the Running Room, my feet were soaked and my shoes were muddy.  I had mud splattered up my legs and on my running capris.  I was a huge mess.  Soaking wet and muddy.  I actually stopped by two grocery stores on my way home to pick up provisions for the father's day BBQ that I hosted today.  Yes, I was soaked and muddy and checking out cuts of meat.  I did get a few looks, but I was feeling too hard core and bad ass to care!

Couldn't wait to get these puppies off and hop in the shower.

My brother brought my father over for a BBQ.  It was a completely Paleo meal, except for dessert. I made pork souvlaki, baked sweet potato and grilled veggies.  My sister-in-law brought two Father's Day cakes and I sliced up half a watermelon.  I got rave reviews on the dinner and I don't think that anyone realized they were eating Paleo.  I didn't partake in any cake, but I did enjoy my first taste of watermelon this summer.

Yesterday we went to my girlfriend Elin's place for a BBQ.  She also made us a Paleo meal.  BBQ chicken breasts, grilled veggies and salad.  I love all the whole foods I eat.  They fill me up and I just feel good overall.  No stomach upset, I'm "regular" and I have lots of energy to complete my runs.  As far as food is concerned, it's just fuel.  One of the things that has made my life so much easier is changing the way I think about food.  I still struggle at times with thinking I miss something (ie: Rockets), but I'm able to not give into my urges.  The before picture I keep on my phone is my daily reminder of what I never want to look like again.  Anytime I think I may want to deviate from my eating plan, a quick look at 300 pound me is all I need to deter any thoughts I may have floating around in my head about former binge foods.  I remind myself daily that nothing really does taste better that being fit feels.

I can't believe I ever wore this top.