Friday, June 28, 2013

The post about a goose egg and new shorts

Yesterday SUCKED!  I got into work and they were changing over our email provider.  The IT guy was milling about in case we needed help accessing our email.  Mine wasn't even set up on my computer so he had to install the program.  I shifted my chair over, and stood up to give him room to access my computer and forgot that there is a shelf above my workstation.  I managed to hit my forehead right on the corner of the shelf and managed to do this to myself.

Doesn't that look awesome?

It swelled up in less than a minute and caused my co-workers to freak out just a little.  Believe it or not, it didn't hurt at all.  I got a little dizzy after I hit my head, but I think that had more to do with the fact that I ran 9.3K yesterday morning and did a fat burning workout (didn't eat before hand), then only ate 3 hard boiled eggs on my drive into work.  Not enough of a recovery meal.  I laid down in the sick room for a half hour with an ice pack on my forehead before I went out to get something to eat, then I resumed my regular work schedule.  I saw a client at 3pm and by then my forehead looked like this.

A little lumpy, but almost unnoticeable.  

I woke up this morning, so all was well.  I promised our health and safety rep at work that I would go and get checked out at the urgent care center, but I didn't.  I felt fine all day.  I didn't black out or throw up. I just had a wicked goose egg for a couple of hours.  No biggie.  I'm not gonna lie.  The first thing that popped into my  head was "Is his going to affect my running schedule".  If I felt off at all, I would have gone to urgent care, but I was fine.  She wanted me to go right away and have someone either drive me home or come and pick me up.  She was lovely, but a little over cautious.

I finally got my income tax return back and was pleasantly surprised that it was slightly more than what I expected.  I was in desperate need of shorts so I headed to Old Navy to take advantage of their "buy one get the second for a loonie ($1)" sale.  It was on yesterday and today and was on all merchandise store wide.  Being the cheap frugal shopper that I am, I naturally headed to the clearance section.  There I scored five pairs of shorts and a top for $25.  The shorts were $6.99 each and since the second pair was only a buck, two pairs came to $4 a piece.  Now that is a deal!  And I'm ready to enjoy the summer!

Look at me buying stuff in color and patterns.
And in size 8!!!!!!!
I will tell you what I don't like about the summer.  Running in hot and humid weather.  I am so motivated to run as many early mornings as I can that it's not even funny.  I will take the cold over the humidity anytime.  Nothing messes with my breathing more that the humidity.  Those minus 18 Celsius runs this past winter are not looking so bad right now.  I say this now, but trust me, come winter I'll be bitching and moaning about the cold again.  Marathon training starts Sunday!!!!!!!

I notice things in the blogiverse are somewhat quiet right now.  I hope it solely has to do with people being busy and having lives (unlike me), and not too much struggling is going on.  I know that summer can be a hard time to stick to a diet, but it's also the time that you may want to look your best (bathing suit season).  This is my second summer of health.  I'm looking forward to the BBQ's because meat is my main staple.  Less of a chance that I'll have to explain my eating habits to a host because there's usually always meat and salad at BBQ's.

Relationships change when you lose weight.  I hope that people I used to be close to don't think that I'm unapproachable.  The only thing that has changed about me is my appearance.  I am still the same person I was, just smaller.  I have never, nor would I ever tell someone how to live their life.  I know that weight-loss is hard and it's something you have to be mentally ready for before it will work for you.  The only one who can make you mentally ready is you.  Some may never get there, and others will.  All though I'd like to think I have obesity licked, I'm not naive enough to think I'm cured just yet.  I still struggle with a lot of thoughts.  Dangerous thoughts.  But my saving grace is that I haven't acted on them.  Everyday that I avoid the demons in my head, I am one step closer to ultimate freedom.  Everyday it gets easier and easier.  Ultimate freedom to me is when those thoughts will be gone forever.  I get closer and closer to freedom everyday.