Sunday, February 23, 2014

The post about a blurry weekend, 35K and a panic attack

The three styles I fretted over all week.

  • The last five days are a blur. I barely remember what happened. I know I worked. I know I ran a lot. I know I socialized on Saturday. I know I saw my in-laws. I know I did a lot of chores. And I know I got my bangs cut. 
  • I was at an impasse last week. Didn't know if I should keep my bangs long, cut them a little, or cut them above the eyebrow. I know, real life altering stuff. So I did what any rational woman would do. I posted the question to Twitter and Instagram. The overwhelming consensus was that I cut my bangs again. Then I asked about the straight across bang or the side bang. The side bang won out, but I chose the straight across in the end. Which is fine. It will grow and then I can move to the side sweep. Thank you to my girlfriend Elin for doing the honours and doing an awesome job:)

Before, using the Flowbee (not really), and after!
Yeah, I look rough. I had a pretty shit day.
Wore my Canada hoodie in support of team Canada:)

  • Thursday morning I was supposed to run 9 hill repeats. I ended up having to skip my Thursday morning run due to time issues.  I had to be at the chiropodist for 9am. My chiropodist appointment was a bust. I went back with all my results for x-rays, ultrasound and MRI for the Morton's Neuroma, and nothing can be done beyond what has already been done because all avenues have been exhausted and I am a unique case. He did tell me to wear my useless orthotics for extra support. There's no bullets or lumps on the orthotics, they are just plain inserts with an imprint where the lump on the bottom of my foot forms during long runs.
  • The chiropodist appointment didn't mean I could skip my run altogether. I ran my hills on Friday night, and wore the orthotics. Friday is normally my rest day, but I had to follow the schedule, so Friday night I hauled my ass out to the McMaster hill and did my 9 hill repeats. I was alone except for a stray student who walked to the lower parking lot and the shuttle bus driver that passed me several times. Well them and the deer that crossed the road in front of me. Pretty animals. And after running 9 hills and almost 10.5K, I got a nice big blister on the arch of my foot from the orthotics. Awesome!
  • So Saturday morning rolls around and it is beautiful out. Sunny and -3C.  Only 13 hours passed from doing my hill repeats and I went out for another run. I know, I didn't rest up enough. But it was a great run, albeit quite slippery. Although it was slow, I didn't fall on my ass.  And my feet got soaked. I ran through a lot of half frozen puddles. 
  • Saturday afternoon I went to meet up with a group of people who follow Dr. Poon's diet. It was nice to finally meet in person some people I chat with on Facebook.  It was a good time talking about struggles, recipes and just supporting each other. Everyone is at different stages in weight-loss and everyone has useful tips and experiences to share.
  • Today was my long run day. I headed out just after 8am. Hubby was up early watching Team Canada play against Sweden for Hockey Gold. We won of course. I can barely remember my run. My legs felt like lead, and my mind was wandering. I was thinking about a million things at once and for the first time ever, I had a panic attack. Not just one but two. It was the weirdest thing. I suddenly felt like my chest was tightening and I had to stop and breathe deeply so that I could catch my breath. The second one happened shortly after the first one and I had to stop and take deep breaths again. Such a strange sensation. It  happened about 8K into my run and I was able to complete my run without any issue.  But for those few moments, I felt so bizarre and a little helpless. I'm thankful the feeling passed. 
  • I'm exhausted. I ran almost 35K this past weekend, and I need to sleep. I have to be on the road at 7am tomorrow. It's a rest day running wise, but I have a full work day, including dinner with my dad in the evening. Wishing you all a wonderful beginning to the week:)

My runs from this weekend.


  1. I really like the straight across bangs.

  2. Wow with the kilometers. I like the bangs too-both straight across and side. You inspire like no one else but please take very good care of yourself. I know you were fine to finish your run and you have your schedule of various lengths-long run day, day off, etc. but I hope you remind yourself that it is okay to take a mental or physical break once in a blue moon. You have nothing left to beat yourself for or to prove; you're in the 'enjoying the physical body I was born with' phase that too few grown adults are healthy enough to achieve. You are there and I just hope you are enjoying every moment; even the moments at rest.

  3. I always love to read about your runs! That is weird about the panic attack. Glad it passed.

  4. I get worn out, READING about all that you accomplish, dear friend!

  5. I love your bangs. It's good that you recognized the panic attacks for what they were. My oldest daughter ended up in the emergency room the first time she had a panic attack. The nurses were actually laughing at her which didn't help at all. Yes, take care of yourself. :)

  6. I like you in the second snap, you look so cute..till now I have done hill training only once and god I struggled...I need to get back to it..these days I can't seem to find time to fit that into my schedule

  7. Wow ! My feet are already feeling your pain lol! Conrgats on that! I love those bangs :)

  8. Hair looks good.

    Keep a watch on your health, you are always on the go, take time to pause......

    All the best Jan

  9. I'm glad that panic attack feeling passed. I've had way too many panic attacks in the past, and now that a big change is looming ahead, I feel like I can burst into panic at any moment. I hope it doesn't happen again!
    Love the bangs look :)