Sunday, February 2, 2014

The post about the LSD that almost wasn't and a very busy weekend

My 6K from yesterday.

  • I'm beat, so you get more pictures than words today. That's a good thing!
  • Did you all have a super relaxing weekend? Yeah, me neither. I had no plans for the weekend, but it turned into a busy one. Sunday being the busiest. When you're a runner, and you're training, long runs can take up a good chunk of your day. My Sunday mornings into the early afternoon are pretty much a write-off until after I run the 30K Around the Bay at the end of March.
  • I had the best run I've had in weeks yesterday. It was mild out and even though it was a touch slick due to a light dusting of snow, it was the most comfortable run I've run in what seems like forever. I had an okay pace, I sweated my ass off and it was a pretty run because it snowed the entire time.

A funny, a cutie, and me playing with my work's ThinkPad.

  • It just started snowing when I was running yesterday morning, but the snow lasted all day long. And it was super mild. So unless everyone in the city of Hamilton shovelled and salted their walkways before days end, everything froze overnight and turned to ice.
  • This morning's run was my longest post broken ankle run to date (16K). I get anxious before every long run now, because it's a guessing game as to when my toes will cramp. I figured they'd cramp around 10K (like they have been doing of late) and that the last 6K of my run would be done in significant pain. Now I don't know why, but my toes just started to go numb as I finished my run and was approaching my house. No cramping, no pain. When I first started out, my hubby told me I'd be back very quickly because the side walks and roads were like a sheet of ice. I slid down the side walk of our street, and knew that if the main street was like this, I was going to have to head back home. It was extremely slippery. But I made it to the busy street, got on the road and ran. I definitely hit some very slippery spots and had to stop to walk a few times, but I completed my 16K run at a 7:45/K pace. I was actually happy with that. Considering the conditions and the fact that my feet were soaking wet the entire time, and I was soaking wet from passing cars, I was actually impressed with myself. 
  • I need to smarten up and get my Activfuel. This is a sports nutrition sportive and enables me to run long distance on an empty stomach. I just need to add a couple scoops to water and drink it. It gives me enough energy to get through a long run.  All I had before my run today was coffee, and I ate some energy gummies about 10K into my run. But when I stopped to walk over ice, I got dizzy and lost my balance. I didn't fall, but I felt light headed and I'm sure it's because I hadn't eaten or fuelled up before my run.  I know better than this. I'm going to purchase it this week. I get it at Goodness Me. And it's freaking expensive ($50), but lasts a couple of months.

Top left: My running stats.
Bottom left: Cirque Du Soleil is in town.
Right: What I ran on for 16K

  • By the time I got back from my long run, ate, got showered and dressed, it was already after 1pm. I had to prepare a HUGE pork roast for the slow cooker, go to the laundromat, make the rest of dinner, go grocery shopping and now I'm blogging. In between I had to do some banking and pay a bunch of bills. Incidentally, I just got paid on Friday, and I have no money left. How does that happen?
  • As I'm typing this, my eyes keep closing, so I'm packing it in. I leave you with pictures of what I ate this weekend. I promise that my next post will be more fun and informative. Okay, I'm talking the piss. I'm not promising anything. It could be as dull and mundane as this one. Yet you keep coming back to read. Thank you for that!

Top left: Chicken breast with diced tomatoes and rapini.
Bottom left: Pork roast, sautéed cabbage, roasted butter nut squash.
Right: Yesterday's lunch. Tuna, avocado, tomato and a cup of turkey soup.